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Kelcey Morange
Mortgage Sales Manager,  First Home Mortgage
318 Harvard Street,  Office 38-39
Brookline,  Massachusetts  02446
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""Stategery" is definitely being added to my prime full rotation word list."    View Comment
"The "lead off" analogy is a good one - well used."    View Comment
"the apple is a nice touch, there."    View Comment
"Richard - taking the longer lock was like purchasing insurance on your transaction. Had the closing taken the full 90 days and rates skyrocketed, you would have been very gald to have the long term lock - you would have been closing "undermarket". Just as with (most) insurance, if you took the longer lock and did not use it, you pay for it just the same. Unless your lender allows you to relock again (or adjust your rate contract as you did in September), the lock you took is the one you..."    View Comment
"AQ - there is definitely a chance the wrong SSN made it through UW, haha, you give too much credit to uwers that have been on overload for 6+ months. Not common, but I've seen it happen. Especially if the credit was pulled in the wrong number at go and then the 1003 was immedialely fixed before the loan was disclosed. Kevin- regardless of fault (these things happen once in a while, even if they shouldnt), I think you are on the hook for cost. I've never had price changes communicated to me..."    View Comment
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