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"Russ, I'd have to disagree on one point. The elimination of the MID is a slap in the face of the middle class. It is like imposing a tax on the middle class without calling it a tax. Not miss the deduction, really? So if you typically get back $500.00 a year as a result of that deduction and the guy who owns the $1.5M home that paid cash doesn't see any reduction in the amount he pays to the government, he's not paying a dime more out of his pocket therefore, he shoulders none of the..."    View Comment
"Joe, Well said. So typical of the "educator", that likely inherited his home or can pay cash as many in that arena do. I the area I originate in NH Seacoast, many homes are priced in excess of $1M and guess what...They pay cash, they don't finance. Same thing goes up in Hanover near the Dartmouth campus. Many of the "educators" have very small mortgages if any at all in comparison with the plumber that services their homes. Another big whack coming at the middleclass. And..."    View Comment
"Haedo, It is very important that you READ all documentation. As a owner/broker since 1988, My firm has never offered sub-prime. That said, I can tell you of at least a dozen borrowers that came to my firm with low to zero down payment, wanting to purchase homes they could not afford, and I told them so. Nonetheless, that was news they didn't want to hear and thought they knew better. So they marched themselves down to Countrywide or some other sub-prime lender to get the job done for them. After..."    View Comment
"A couple of points...Europe is still not done bleeding. Spain and Portugal are facing issues (see Rueters). Expecting issues first few months of 2011 which may indicate yet another stimpulus by ECB. Sure we have a tax rate extension which has bolstered the stock market, played up by day traders but to what end. The same tax plan that gave us jobs for the last 8 years.,,really?? That worked out well. Yes there is some exonomic improvement but my analogy is this. The student has flat zeros on his report..."    View Comment
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