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phone: (858) 583-2407
mobile: (858) 583-2407
fax: (760) 839-0833
Ray Leone
Owner-Broker,  Ray Leone & Associates
2750 Las Palmas Avenue
Escondido,  California  92025
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"Steer my clients to higher rate loans so I can earn a higher commission? Are you crazy? How am I, a fully CA-DRE and NMLS licensed mortgage broker, supposed to stay in business if I do that to my clients? I have been originating loans for 30+ years. My business is based on referrals from satisfied clients. And yes, I'm as good as my last loan. And proud of it. I serve my clients best interest whether that was a Neg Am loan (there was a good reason for originating this type loan at one time),..."    View Comment
"A major problem, especially in California, is the inability to refinance the non-GSE borrower loans. Many held by BofA (inherited from Countrywide). I have many highly qualified borrowers stuck in Interest Only loans (at higher interest rates) that will convert down the road making them very nervous. Refinancing these borrowers, saving them money, would contribute greatly to the economy."    View Comment
"If we coiuld only have Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday's rates back so I could lock. Guess I'll just keep rolling those dice, babe. You just gotta love this business or S&M :-)"    View Comment
"Garth, next you'll be getting a letter from Big Brother telling you they have taken over your health insurance from your current carrier. You should continue making your health insurance payment at its normally scheduled time. However, your payment should be sent to Obama-Care @ the DNC.. Oh never mind. We already have your bank account information and will just debit your account for the payment. Thank you. Details on what will be covered in your new health insurance policy will follow, as soon..."    View Comment
"We are not pessimists, just realist with something in the game. I truly hate myself for wanting to see bad economic news reported (as well all do) so as to drive rates down, Bad News/Good News. Such is life. But, what I hate even more is the spin by the whores on Wall Street with glee in the tone of their speak on the not so really good news just becuase it will churn the market. Volatility is the paint brush of the Day Trader because activity is what drives prices and commissions. I know I'm..."    View Comment
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