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Larry Gray
Senior Mortgage Banker,  Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
2333 San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon,  California  94583
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"Current levels of demand (high) in top housing markets wherein inventories are low and prices are among the highest in the country may indicate home purchases likely will remain strong through 2018. However, the current high home prices coincide with a significant enough increase since 2012...thus resulting in would be home buyers at the lower end unable to afford a home purchase. My experience, and that of many mortgage loan consultants in the S F Bay area is we are qualifying a lot of would be..."    View Comment
"Lol! I just read sentiments from Mr. Watson and then the other comments. No question in many cases an appraisal by a well trained and educated appraiser is going to do the best job in protecting the lending investors and the consumer purchasing the home without actually undervaluing the home. Granted, as Greg Wilkinson cites, many appraisers can still feel the pressure to come in at the purchase price, but each appraiser can be monitored and we all know of appraisers on do not use lists. The investors..."    View Comment
"Good program to mention, Brian. I would expect broad minded mortgage companies and L O's in Texas to get the word out as I heard a media report that maybe 80% of the homes that were flooded in the Houston area were not covered by flood insurance. They need to know of this good option. Besides for one's own home investors who are looking to sell might pay attention to the following:: Section 203(h) offers features that make homeownership easier. For example, no down payment is required. The..."    View Comment
"FHA generally allows to 47% front end...not much more then the conventional at 45% front end maximum, but it is something!"    View Comment
"I can't help but think the 10 yr bond yield is going to stay over 2.50 for a time along with a higher mortgage rates, and in no time at all I am proven wrong! I guess we should leave the bond yield direction and speculation on short term and long term rates to you Matt!"    View Comment
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