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Larry Gray
Senior Mortgage Banker,  Guarantee Mortgage
300 Tamal Plaza Suite 250
Corte Madera,  California  94925
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"I understand Alessandro's point...some people with credit scores or credit issues that maybe currently prevent them from qualifying for most mortgage loans just need an exception made so they too can utilize their home equity to get them out from under debilitating monthly debt, Those that provide the loans have to calculate the maximum level of risk to what they and the many investors directly or indirectly involved feel is acceptable. You have to look to portfolio lenders who might loan at..."    View Comment
"Typically now in brokering to some Bank's wholesale division on a conventional conforming or jumbo loan, the lender provided commission is 1.5 points to the Broker. Typically I think the commission to the loan officer is 60 BPS. So whatever the bank is expecting to make on the loan would be the question thereafter. I would think, whether they keep the loan, sell it to a private group of investors, or to Fannie Mae or Freddie has to be worth their while. They compete among banks to acquire..."    View Comment
""Legislative blowhards get through their grandstanding more quickly with Powell as the Chair.." Ha, ha! Let us hope he continues to do a good job at minimizing their posturing."    View Comment
"Oh my goodness... how very long ago it was, after learning someone's specific goal (s), that I learned in refinancing to help direct the comparison to actual monthly savings regardless of rate! It was sales 101 for a Mortgage Consultant, and I had to learn it well as so many people can get fixated on rate. But I understand what you are saying Ted.."a person has their mortgage loan at 3.5% and why would they want to give that up for 4.625%?" Often I have to show the monthly savings comparison..."    View Comment
"These results from polling in March showing such an increase in those indicating it is a good time to buy a home compared to February when there had been a decrease in favorable responses, are certainly boosted by optimism in the overall direction of the economy, as you point out. March thru June seems to have been the hottest time for home sales for some years now in our area. I would also be interested in adding a question in polling of would be home buyers: "how often have you viewed televised..."    View Comment
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