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phone: (415) 493-6645
fax: (844) 895-5898
Larry Gray
Senior Mortgage Banker,  Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
2333 San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon,  California  94583
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"These results from polling in March showing such an increase in those indicating it is a good time to buy a home compared to February when there had been a decrease in favorable responses, are certainly boosted by optimism in the overall direction of the economy, as you point out. March thru June seems to have been the hottest time for home sales for some years now in our area. I would also be interested in adding a question in polling of would be home buyers: "how often have you viewed televised..."    View Comment
"Pauline, You might look into possibly utilizing a DPA program be it a "silent second" in which you owe the money provided for the down payment but do not make any payments on it until the first mortgage is paid off or you sell the home. A grant is another possibility wherein after a period of time the assistance loan is forgiven. There are income restrictions on obtaining these. However, if you do not quite fall within the guidelines regarding income we provide one down payment assistance..."    View Comment
"Jann, you provide a reaffirmation of the importance of location, location, location even for millennial homebuyers as it has been for gen x and baby boomer homebuyers. It is one thing to look at commuting over an hour to a new housing development in a semi rural area from work in a metropolitan or suburban area, and another to look where they really want to be...closer to work and often closer to more cultural/entertainment amenities along with access to better schools. In my state we see new home..."    View Comment
"Current levels of demand (high) in top housing markets wherein inventories are low and prices are among the highest in the country may indicate home purchases likely will remain strong through 2018. However, the current high home prices coincide with a significant enough increase since 2012...thus resulting in would be home buyers at the lower end unable to afford a home purchase. My experience, and that of many mortgage loan consultants in the S F Bay area is we are qualifying a lot of would be..."    View Comment
"Lol! I just read sentiments from Mr. Watson and then the other comments. No question in many cases an appraisal by a well trained and educated appraiser is going to do the best job in protecting the lending investors and the consumer purchasing the home without actually undervaluing the home. Granted, as Greg Wilkinson cites, many appraisers can still feel the pressure to come in at the purchase price, but each appraiser can be monitored and we all know of appraisers on do not use lists. The investors..."    View Comment
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