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Larry Gray
Senior Mortgage Banker,  Guarantee Mortgage
300 Tamal Plaza Suite 250
Corte Madera,  California  94925
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"I wanted to an overly long, unedited comment already of course...that I do help with disabled seniors and will continue to. I believe so many Seniors have much experience and wisdom to share with their younger local citizens and are yet valuable to the community's richness and well being. It is been suggested (ooops, I mean has been suggested!) OK, I will remember to edit my next comment."    View Comment
"It is been suggested in our high priced and high rent community that Seniors who are empty nesters could share their home with the right, well screened tenant (s). To some extent that is occurring as at least one agency in the area helps Senior homeowners match up with house share renters. Another good suggestion has been to allow homeowners a fast track to being able to add an apt. to the home, and there are homeowners who have taken advantage of that. Nonetheless, these efforts at producing more..."    View Comment
"As a member of one of only two Veteran's Lions Clubs dedicated to assisting in various Veteran needs I am angered when I find out a Veteran has been taken advantage of thru high fees, greatly depleted equity in their home, and often little more cash out than cost. Requiring the recouping of all loan fees and cost within three years is an important step in minimizing costs to the Veteran. However, more lenders need to be taken to task for not sufficiently consulting the Veteran as to the negatives..."    View Comment
"That small margin of difference can be frustrating, though occasionally I see advertising for really low ARM rates/apr which no one I know can provide. However, advertising has always made us all have to reassure clients it is just advertising, and ultimately the reality of what people are actually getting with similar qualifications is on par with what we are providing. Or as i like to say, I can likely match or beat anyone's rate and apr! Oh, how I would love to go back to the days when one..."    View Comment
"The investors who picked up so much stock in Fannie mae and Freddie mac at fire sale prices are obviously disappointed that the government is still taking the vast majority of the profits. I can see why anyone in the government is dragging their feet in creating any permanent change...why kill what currently seems to be a "cash cow' to maybe replace some of the lost revenue from recent tax reform? Ultimately, it seems like Congress is to play a large role in determining what to do about..."    View Comment
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