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"ED - yes, there are some hints of improvement when compared 2010 vs 2009. But remember, we started falling into a ditch a couple of years before. We are attempting to climb out of the ditch without sliding back - thus, far no significant improvement....when comparing to years past. I concur with Edgar - it will take some time and rising rates won't help."    View Comment
"It's like watching a cat hit a sliding glass door. No rhyme or reason nor acknowledgement of the fact.......just push the market the way you want it and be a day trader. Today makes zero sense..."    View Comment
"they will come back - just don't be greedy next time - grant your LO power to lock as soon as it is available."    View Comment
"Plaza repriced for the better"    View Comment
"Another can of worms that nobody will be able to open. Wait 3 months on payments and borrowers better supply a PO Box because they shall most likely be vacated prior to quailifying. Not to mention whatever time hurdles the servicer shall put them through. What complete waste of funds and fresh air our representatives waste as they stand and pledge thier band aids as a cure all solution. All they have to do is look at history - follow up with the same program from the last great depression. Which..."    View Comment
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