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James Campos

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"Remember the movie with Charlton Heston? .......He was walking around on Earth but wayyy in the future and he saw the Statue of Liberty buried in sand and got all emotional.... Damn you alllll to hellllll!!!!!!!! That what Obama is doing.... he is burying the statue of liberty in sand."    View Comment
"I'm a texas mtg banker, and I can also offer 4.125% on a 30year. i can do this with almost no origination and modest clsoing costs. I estimate with a coming double dip recession, we will see conv 30 year rates in the 3.875% range. I really think the fed should go from 0 to 1% soon however. This economy is making me nervous."    View Comment
"Victor and Adam, I have counted on your write ups for years. Keep it up! :) James Campos Houston/Austin, Texas"    View Comment
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