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"As a mortgage professional is frustrating to see other LO's quote rates to borrowers without knowing the full situation. This only adds to the lack of consumer trust in our profession. While I'd expect that from a novice originator, I would not expect that from someone who has been in the business since 1979. until we hold ourselves to a higher standard and do our job with more integrity the public consensus will still be that we are used car salesman instead of mortgage professionals. As..."    View Comment
"I think some people are missing the point of the story. Yes indices are low meaning fully indexed rates are lower. However, most of these loans will recast due to hitting their max negative amortization permitted. With the current low indices this time frame may be stretched out a year or two but it cannot delay the inevitable. Its hard to argue anything else because psychology has proven that humans are creatures of habit and I'm willing to bet that 98% of all borrowers in option arms made and..."    View Comment
"Welcome back Bill. I find it interesting that home starts are up. I'm puzzled at the rational behind homebuilders or maybe it's just them being overly optimistic. Or is it that all these new homes are already under contract? What ever the reason I still find it interesting that homes are still being built with the current supply of houses on the market and the recent record of 1.5 million foreclosure filings."    View Comment
"Ben, Micheal is not ungrateful, and miserable. Just curious and doesn't want to remain ignorant like a lot of other consumers. He has a right to be a little untrusting, he came to me from a file that another LO kind of left on the shelf. I'm just trying to save the loan for our company, make a good relationship out of it and show Michael that despite the media bashing, there are good loan officers out there."    View Comment
"Adam, I think Michael Brann knows his loan officer is giving him a good deal. I believe it was his loan officer who referred him to this site. Something even tells me his loan officer helped him lock in at the top of the range rather than the bottom. Hmmm. Why would a loan officer do that if his motivation was to keep the borrower at the higher rate? I also think that the loan officer broke down to the client all the adjustments and what he was making on the loan. I would think this loan officers..."    View Comment
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