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"pocket knife? I was thinking more like a spork. I would also love to see the comparison of the numbers for licensed brokers on 01/01/10 compared to what will be in 01/01/11. Pretty soon I won't need NAMB i will have to go represent myself."    View Comment
"I still say bah hum bug. Not expecting any significant rallies until after the new year. Maybe a few spikes and opportunities to grab a few bps but that will be all."    View Comment
"Eventually the 4% 30 yr mtg's will just be something we tell our grand children about. "Remember when...." stories. Like the 17% rates from the 80's. Fact is though that rates have to go back up if our industry ever hopes to see another refinance boom. Part of the needed cycle. Just protect your clients and your pipe from misquoting during this increase and everything will sort itself out. Personally, I am going to spend some effort trying to get some face time with realtors during..."    View Comment
"@ Ryann Thornton, You have a biased opinion on brokers that was expressed in your very first post on this subject when you said " Its going to hurt the brokers who are used to being paid a lot of money for a little production, which seems to be the majority of them in my area" Seems like you think we are over payed for the work we do. Well, I think you are UNDERPAYED for the work you do. Having to sell the same product as me at a higher rate simply because you are on retail should warrant..."    View Comment
"I would like to hear truerates explain what benefit a borrower gets from knowing how their loan flows from origination to secondary to investment. The client should be concerned with understanding the terms of their loan, their responsiblity for repayment, and what the consequences are for not meeitng those terms. Understanding secondary market is not going to stop the market from collapsing and neither will me disclosing in five different ways how much i am making off my lower than retail rates..."    View Comment
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