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"Lydia, are you reporting and paying taxes on ALL your income? Your comment suggests you don't or the Chase people you've dealt with don't know how to read tax returns (neither scenario surprises me)."    View Comment
"Duh! Did FNMA really need a study to conclude that higher income borrowers do more homework? How did they think those people were able to become high earners? The government made it easier with their constant tweeking and "simplifying" of TIL/GFE? Pleeeease."    View Comment
"Tommy? Tommy? Oh, that's right, you're a 9 to 5er now! There's no point in working hard when there's no financial incentive to do so, is there? Thanks, again, for continuing to make my point."    View Comment
"Wow, Tommy! In case you didn't know, the quality files you described is a pre-requisite of every loan originator. It's a given! True, I'm better than most, I have LO's from other companies ask me how to structure their deals, particularly FHAs and, you're right, operations loves me. But it still means that I have to sell to survive and stick it out, not sit by the sidelines and 'wait it out' By the way, the reason you were 1/2 point higher than the competition was because..."    View Comment
"Tommy, I find it interesting that you no longer originate. There's no selling involved when you're the cheapest rate around, is there? Plus if you were a true salesman there's no way you'd work in operations now. We're two completely different animals. Oh, and by the way, what this rule does is make sure everyone pays 5% on every deal, it's just that the banks now get to keep 450bps and give the originator 50bps (wow! just like you used to....big banks must love you.... oh..."    View Comment
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