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"The thing I noticed is the fed will have spent trillions of freshly-printed dollars to but mbs. Printing trillions of new dollars leads to inflation, no? That is the biggest enemy of interest rates...right? The obama administration and its beloved teleprompter seem to think they can print their way out of economic problems, which is, in a word, stupid. Am I missing something?"    View Comment
"Matt, I hope one of you can explain the GOP Senate push to reduce rates to 4% in the stimulus bill being presently debated. I'd be very interested in your take on how that would be accomplished and how quickly it would go through."    View Comment
""when dealers and investors settle with a drop special on Monday" - please explain."    View Comment
"Is 4.375% at 1.5 too high to lock at?"    View Comment
"Why waste half a trillion of taxpayer funds to just give to banks for them to do....nothing? The lower rates are supposed to spur things a bit, and artificially withholding lower rates to keep a high spread is just wrong. Am I missing something here (other than lower rates)?"    View Comment
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