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"Don is back on the mortgage blog claiming "you mortgage folks are doomed." More generalization from a bad mind ignorant loser with zero credibility."    View Comment
"And you are proving my point that you don't understand what is, and what is not, a hypothetical discussion."    View Comment
"Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't George. Maybe you would take a 2 year ARM at 2% if you were responsible and had specific financial goals in which that loan would make perfect sense, maybe you wouldn't."    View Comment
"I'm not ignoring anything you say Forbes. In fact, I should be ignoring an idiot like you, but I am choosing not to. I am having a hard time finding any concrete point you have made - solely a hypothetical surrounding whether loan officers would make bad sub-prime loans if that segment were to ever return."    View Comment
"You're right George, plenty of reality in this thread - just none from you nor your fast friend Fredo."    View Comment
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