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"Happy B Day ol' boy, hope you get to enjoy a fine brew to celebrate! Your efforts arent those of futility -- "only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!" Good luck on the journey!"    View Comment
"deep and wide.........not the terms of endearment I am used to from you AQ, MG on the other hand, well......."    View Comment
"Derek, I havent seen a NINA or SISA program since 2006/7. When I purchased my first and second home, they were both FHA transactions and the rates were 7.75% and 8.75% respectively. It was 10+ years ago, but we took what we could get and we refi'd when the markets allowed. My point is that people still want to buy in any rate environment, but they are afraid of the economy and the housing market continuing to drop value. Who wants to buy a home and go in the hole for a couple of years? Until..."    View Comment
"A D - whats to fear? We lost our rates in March/April, 10 yr shot to 4%, rates recovered ON THEIR OWN, govt MBS buying ended, new purchase incentives shut down, and rates still got better.........if we as originators pin all of our hopes and dreams on rates at 4.25%, we might as well shut it down Dec 31st and find another career. I love this quote from Jeffrey Gitomer -- " If you dont provide value, you will lose to price" borrowers are called borrowers for a reason, homeowners NEED to..."    View Comment
"wussup BVG!!!! How have you been? Family doing well?"    View Comment
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