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Emmett Dempsey

Port St Lucie,  Florida  34983
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"I think its Beer Thirty at every mortgage shop in the country. ARGH!"    View Comment
"There he goes again.....That slippery Don guy. For not being a liberal, you sure act like one. Forget the facts, just distort and attack! You have failed to answer all of our calls for you to reveal who you are and what your agenda is. Well Don? What say you?"    View Comment
"Again Don.....WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO!!!!????"    View Comment
"Don wrote :Hi Emmett, You are correct, all those mortgage products are extinct. However, that was not the point. The point is that all those products are what brought us to our current crisis. Further, I have absolutely no party affiliation as I believe both parties are equally complicit actors in the single largest theft in our nations history. I do not listen to NPR nor do I "veg out" to MSNBC. Wow, you mortgage folks are a touchy lot. So busy with name calling and ad hominem attacks..."    View Comment
"Don, You and the government are stuck in a time warp. Option ARMs? 2/28, 3/27? Are you kidding me? Those are LONG GONE out of the market. That is like saying we should use government funds to build a zoo for dinosaurs. THEY ARE BOTH EXTINCT. All of this smoke filled coffee house crap is nothing more than politics by Democrats....see see look what I did! I stuck it to those evil mortgage guys...there will be no more Pay Option ARMs (Dead), Subprime loans (Dead again), and we will document income ..."    View Comment
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