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"This was already pointed out however, how interesting the "next big thing" - QEII, NFP, Bush Tax Cuts, Unemployment, whatever the media decides will the all-importnat market driver is quickly absorbed and discounted when it comes to Bond Market performance. We are kidding ourselves if we think we understand yet, the fundmentals remain underperforming. Spending and Price Appreciation drive growth. Outside of Govt who is spending?"    View Comment
"Hey Adam, any idea who takes over for JoePa? Gotta be his last year. Go Badgers!"    View Comment
"I agree Ray J, it just seemed to me that during that July 2003 to Jan 2006 timeframe the entire Financial Sector demonstrated a larger increase in employment than is shown. Unless I am not to believe all of the Press Releases that were rolling out back then?"    View Comment
"Good morning Adam, Something seems amiss in the last chart. The July 2003 to January 2006 Financial Sector Employment picture does not seem to line-up with the "Mass Hiring Articles" of that time period from Countrywide, Argent, First Franklin, etc. Does the financial sector not include subprime?"    View Comment
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