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"Don, Don, Don. Listen man, I'm going to try to teach you something here. RULE # 1 of being sarcastic and humorous (also known as "witty banter" between two people): It is expressly FORBIDDEN when staging a retort for your opponent in sarcasm to use THE SAME JOKE HE JUST USED. Do you even realize that you just copied the same exact YouTube video that I posted? How could that have possibly been successful for you? Think Don, think. OK...noone ever gets everything right on the first try..."    View Comment
"Now, Don. While I was intrinsically devoted to supporting your enlightening spouts of irrational, yet quasi-intellectual opinions regarding the plight of the mortgage brokers, you have learned an incredibly valuable lesson here: While it is possible to ACT informed and intelligent on a subject matter debate, it is not possible to ACT funny, comical, or in any way witty, and I cannot support your most recent attempt at sarcastic humor. "Further, I would suggest you take off your shoe and look..."    View Comment
"Don, I took your advice. Now that I chose to educated myself like you, I have changed my mind and I have shed my vitriolic mentality, cast aside the chimera of infinite home appreciation, and embrace your cogent contentions that the entire mortgage workforce are swine-eating infidels who must be punished for their evil transgressions by relinquishing all compensation earned from making loans to the big banks. Do it for free you SCUMBAG MORTGAGE PEOPLE! You deserve to pay the heaviest tolls of penance..."    View Comment
"You know what I love about God? He invented IRONY. Direct quote from DON " I chose to educated myself." Want more IRONY? Another direct Quote from Don "There is no need for the honest to boast honesty as there is no need for the truly courageuos to boast of their courage or the truly wise to boast of their wisdom." Then, he conveniently finds uses for the words "vitriolic", "cogent", and "chimera", because Don uses these words in every day conversations..."    View Comment
"Don, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are officially the dumbest "smart person" I've ever seen. I am so very excited to see you take your platform, clear your throat, and announce the all new " Don's Plan" , in which we will no longer earn commission for our services in our COMMISSION ONLY jobs. (But thank you for allowing us to continue to offer the fabulous padded-rate products that the banks provide at remarkably equal pricing - oddly inflated, but equal! And we get to sleep well..."    View Comment
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