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Dan Smith
FHA / VA Loan Specialist,  Source 1 Mortgage
1430 DeKalb Ave
Sycamore,  Illinois  60178
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"You have to love FICO’s stance that people are relatively unaffected by credit limit cramdowns. I have personally seen some of my clients scores reduced by 70 – 100 points as a result of credit limit cramdowns. 35% of the score is based on their payment history!!!! This is absurd!! Payment history used to be all we cared about in lending prior to this mess. Give us a score based on this and this alone and I would be happy. It will never happen though, as the creditors now get to make a lot more fee..."    View Comment
"I have a copy of the proposed GFE/TIL. It is a frigthening document. Uterly confusing. It is twice as confusing as GFE 2010. It has no place for adjusted origination fee to make the apples to apples comparison between a borker and a bank. Horrible form!"    View Comment
"I have a copy of the new GFE/TIL. Wow what a scarry document! And guess whats missing? YSP to the client. Hmmmm makes you wonder if Barney really is getting his way and eliminating YSP."    View Comment
"Sorry Wanda, Appologies. I thought you suggesting Congress work ON the minimum wage (ie.. raise it)"    View Comment
"Wanda. The problem with this county is class warfare sponsored by our elected officials and you are buying into it. The top 10% of of wage earner already pay 70% of the taxes. The bottom 50% pay only 3% of the taxes. The wealthy are not the enemys. Bottom line is if your boss doesn't make more money than you - YOU don't have a job. As for minumum wage increases. Are you going to work harder just because the government mandates you should get paid more. All it does is increase costs to the..."    View Comment
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