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"I always enjoy reading your posts, Rob. I especially appreciate the light hearted comments you drop in at the end....I'll take my "cheer" any way I can these days...My head just spins daily in disbelief. I don't know what to think anymore....except, perhaps it is time to find a new career."    View Comment
"Let's HOPE it is picking up steam...from the broker's perspective: nothing really changes for us. is the lack of direction on the part of the Fed that is "intentional"....more chaos and confusion. Just wait until Elizibeth Warren...the "consumer czar" gets going in June... Per her quote in an interview -"We're just getting started"....REALLY? Look out people....more regs are coming. Just what the troubled economy needs..more regs."    View Comment
"It amazes me...what and "expert" Tim Geitner seems to be on and industry he knows NOTHING about...he doesn't even pay his own taxes...unless he gets "caught". Lowering conforming limits??? Really? What a genius....Fast forward me to post 2012...and hopefully a new administration."    View Comment
"I agree with Bryan and Chris!!! What a MESS! Oh, and Adam...perhaps that Anthony fellow has found something else to complain could happen!!!"    View Comment
"Thank You Frank!!! It is true what you have said. I need to chat with you daily! It really is a mental game these days...the Regs are what they are and are not going away. I remember the days packaging files and having to present them to my Underwriter...then came along - DU... I appreciate the encouragement..I really do. Thanks so much and have a great weekend."    View Comment
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