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"I am in this HELL HOLE situation right now as a borrower. Trying to refinance with CHASE from a CHASE non-conforming to a 30yr. 68% LTV, 850 credit score, slight payment decrease, great liquity in the bank and I carry very little debt. We are 80 days into the refi and the underwriter is demanding that the appraiser identify all of the amenities and their condition in my PUD in great detail vs the amenties in other PUDs around me. Then the appraiser needs to verify that the PUD HOA carries a $1MM..."    View Comment
"I am just an average smuck who has enough origination and processing expeience to get myself in trouble. This website is awesome for gauging the housing sector. I have a question for all> We have the FED talking QE, we have the Government talking another stimulus. Looking back--when we debated the $750B original stimulus package--what would have happened if that money would have been used to pay down every mortgage in the US by 50% up to $250k and required every lender to reamortize everyone's..."    View Comment
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