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"Nobody wants to live in the Midwest though. I'd rather live in a shack next to the ocean than a nice $200,000 house in some suburb of Toledo, OH."    View Comment
"Your industry will not cease to exist; there will just be increased automation, and there will be less and less need for a loan middleman. I don't think the banks will completely get rid of loan officers though because they will still need salespeople to push customers to their websites in the first place. This is why computers can do the job because it doesn't require any special skill set. I'm sure there are plenty of loan officers making six figures, but that is not because of any..."    View Comment
"That's great that you were able to close those 50 loans but those same 50 people could have gone to a website and just entered the data themselves and saved a lot of money by not having to pay you a commission. This could lower the cost of borrowing across the board and put more people in homes."    View Comment
"The reason you have had these tools for the past decade is because your job was to sell--more specifically, to upsell. Now with this new comp plan in effect, there is just no need for a loan officer in the process. A consumer can just enter their info on a website, get a list of the documentation that will be needed, and their file can go straight to an underwriter. There is no need for this middleman anymore."    View Comment
"I'm referring to the pricing engine that is used when a consumer calls in to get a rate quote. Why should I pay someone a commission to do this when I could just enter this data myself?"    View Comment
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