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"Tom Vogel said "Appraisals are still a crap shoot, The appraisers themselves feel like they answer to no one even when underwriters ask them to fix mistakes. In addition, as you mentioned, lenders should be required to accept appraisals from other companies so loans can be switch from one lender to another." Reply- Um no, I am appraiser I answer to a lot of people, license regulators, clients, AMCs and people not even involved with the appraising. In fact I spend more time trying to make..."    View Comment
"John, I am appraiser and I have to deal with UWs that try and act like they are appraisers when they are not. Most, if not all UWs dont have a clue when it comes to looking at an appraisal report, they just are a bunch of list checkers. UW are not quailified or licensed to evaluate a report done on a professional level. I have had UWs attempt to tell me which sales I should use or what adjustments to use etc etc. I have to put them back in their place and remind them they are list checkers not appraisers..."    View Comment
""Griff: The heart of HVCC is appraisal independence and the key objective of HVCC is here to stay. We may have some changes in the mechanics and process, but appraisal independence is here to stay. " Independence? FAIL. Now we are dependent on AMCs via forced labor and lose up to 50% or more of our income. Who can afford to remain an appraiser? The mass exodus from the appraiser business in my area, there wont be many left. I have already got a job in another field, HVCC bankrupted me over..."    View Comment
"Tony, that idea about banks paying for the AMC instead of it coming from the appraiser because it is the bank ordering the service not the appraiser has been around for a few years. It will never happen. The elmination or HVCC and AMCs is the only cure. This hoax about appraisers being pressured is a be scam. Sure it happens sometimes, that is when you tell the caller to find another appraiser and hang up the phone. Been an appraiser for 15yrs and because the industry is so messed up now, I cant..."    View Comment
"I use to hunt for bad appraisers for the state and the percent of appraisers that need their license yanked is suprisingly low. The HVCC was created on the pretense that appraisers were being pressured by lenders to do unethical things. This is bogus, there are only a hand full bad appraisers in the US the percent is less than 1%. HVCC was created as a knee jerk reaction to all the bad loans and forclosures that have happen in the last 3 years. Fannie Mae has to blame someone so, the appraiser is..."    View Comment
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