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"Not sure what happened to the second half of my post. We're doing loans in all 50 but sticking mostly to the EC because of the time diff out west. The rest of my post basically said that many retail and restaurant owners are seeing an improvement over last year and are actually slightly optimistic about 2011. These are small businesses (doing less than $2M annually) but I have talked to 100's of them over the last 6 months. I know many on this board want the economy to stink because it keeps..."    View Comment
"I jumped out of the resi world and entered commercial lending back in July of this year. I still close loans from my old book of biz but I have mostly been concentrating on commercial loans. A lot of the loans we do are working capital and not standard real estate so I have the opportunity to talk to retail merchants and restaurant owners all the time. The majority of small business owners that I talk to (small being"    View Comment
"Porfolio lenders will likely say no way to this program. However, the lenders that service agency loans typically aren't holding the debt. They just have a servicing contract. The losses will all be put on the backs of the agencies. Whether it's an agency guaranty of a MBS security or loans in an agency portfolio, Fannie and Freddie will be funding the loss. With an unlimited amount of Gov't money on hand, it's actually quite simple for the majority of the underwater mortgages. The..."    View Comment
"The artificial growth caused by stimulus measures is running out of steam. I predict modest and somewhat scary econ data to show its face in the near future as the stimulus effect wanes. Not saying a double dip but not what people are looking for in terms of growth. Deflation? Hmm.... With a total lack of inflation it seems plausible."    View Comment
"AQ, awesome analysis as usual and yes all the charts indicate a bearish outlook on tsy's and mbs's. However, I believe we are good on rates through the end of spring if noth the whole year. I'm not in the "double-dip" camp but I do believe we are going to see a pull back in econ data. 4q bullishness was mostly artificial through stimulus and replenishment. I think the first half of the year is going to scare a few people and cause traders to rethink their growth outlooks. Leadership..."    View Comment
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