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"I am interested as to why the 3.5's would rally the most. What are they buying? Does this represent a belief rates will drop to a point where these types of loans are going to be delivered at some point? Nice sweaters!"    View Comment
"Shhhhhhh...No one say anything. ;)"    View Comment
"Yeah I guess that would be me Jason"    View Comment
"Thanks Adam...I am expecting the same ragarding the report although based on the flurry good reports lately I am very concerned tomorrow is the end of the beginning of the end."    View Comment
"Lol I was afraid I might get that kind of reaction.... I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box...and while I love you guys and the great job you do...Some of it can be a little above my comprehension level at times....not your fault... ;) I am interested in the "baked in the cake" question though... I realize these thing are impossible to predict. I did use the "magic 8 ball" though and asked if we get a report that comes in "on the screws" or slightly better than..."    View Comment
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