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"Thomas thanks for the sacrifice. Edgar, I agree with you, major changes for everyone come April 1. Banker and Broker. 360 Mortgage is out to lunch. We can either get paid by the lender or borrower but not both. That is pretty clear to me. The reality is every LO is going to take a pay cut one way or the other. Retail will still exist but I am not so sure about mom and pop broker shops. I still can't believe that the FED has decided to regulate our comp in a free market. Oh wait, I forgot mortgages..."    View Comment
"Like I said earlier, we live in upside down world. I wouldn't have issues with rates rising but on such weak econ news it makes no sense. Is that where we're at as a Country? Wait, I forgot, its a traders world we just live in it. One way or another we will have to make some tough choices or we will make Greece and Ireland look like a blip on the radar. Who has the political will? Right now I don't think anybody does. Anyway, ride the wave!!!! Cheers!!!"    View Comment
"We live in upside down world! Tepid growth in the economy is seen as a positive? High unemployment, who cares? Not sure if this is gonna end anytime soon and I think people better hope 10s stay near 3.5 for the rest of the year. I don't see that happening as we get another spike once the tax cut deal gets through. Happy Holidays! Cheers!!!"    View Comment
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