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"There is only one answer to solve the housing crisis. FHA principal reduction. Finally the lenders are stepping up to the plate and playing ball. With the current lenders paying the closing costs and with the borrowers seeing a massive reduction on their balance and payments the small increase in pmi is a breath of fresh air. September is the launch date for the FHA principle reduction. Times are looking up."    View Comment
"We currently offer this loan the first question that you need to make sure of is. 1. Does your current lender allow the short pay pr principal reduction program. many servicers and lenders are referring their current borrowers to Acinc Mtg Group. There are 2 lenders in the industry that are structering and closing the principal reduction Loan, The new loan is FHA and all the qualifications to get an FHA loan must be met. Contact me for more information. 954.934.5422 Art Candler ArtC..."    View Comment
"People are not looking at tomorrow. America has been led to follow the Al Bundy way of life" here is what I did yesterday". With the passage of the governments own laws to require as well as allow principal reduction loans you would think that people would run to principal reduction lenders like they were giving away free Money. Wait a minute they are giving away free money. The current lenders will short the underwater value PLUS pay all the borrowers closing costs. Not only are borrowers..."    View Comment
"The fact of prinitng money as a band aid does not cure the disease"    View Comment
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