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Head of Mortgages and ABS,  Thomson Reuters
3 Times Square
New York,  New York  10036
"ha this is great TR! good to know you ol'tymers can still deliver a good punch(line)..."    View Comment
"Ted Rood? Guy who writes that silly FOMC statement? Didn't know you were elderly. Guess old people can be useful!"    View Comment
"Really glad to see the Fed commenting on the impact of an interpolated secondary market current coupon. It's an implied perspective of quantitative reality---production/issuance/trading liquidity does not exist in a lower bound TBA coupon. It barely exists in the coupon closest to par! The Fed is entirely to blame for that...they should own up to it. The paper was really excellent though. A succinctly simple explanation...."    View Comment
"Nice post Frank. Ending the blame game is the first step toward tackling polarized perceptions of political reality. If we cannot productively find middle ground, nothing will ever get done and our country will continue to stagnate."    View Comment
"Everyone should re-read the last paragraph. Way to be a leader Frank...."    View Comment
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