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There are no posts to show. This could because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter.
There are no posts to show. This could because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter.
There are no posts to show. This could because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter.
There are no posts to show. This could because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter.

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Welcome to the Mortgage News Daily Forums, a part of the our Mortgage and Real Estate News Community.  These forums are provided as a tool for you to communicate with each other, network within the industry, stay informed of current events and news, ask questions, find answers, etc. 

The rules below are created and enforced to provide you with the best possible user experience when using our forums.  Rules are strictly enforced.  If you find a violation of these rules please contact us.

Professionalism at all times.  Don’t post anything you would not want potential clients to see.   The best reason for that is because potential clients will be viewing the forum.  When in doubt, err on the side of “too nice” or “too professional.”

Posts and Contributions
Use the correct forum heading.  In other words, loan scenarios go in the “loan scenarios” section.  Read all the forum headings before creating a post and choose accordingly.

Attempt to contribute to the knowledge base and sense of community.  Posting useful or thorough content will help our community grow and prosper.

Please post personal/contact information such as name, email address and phone number in your signature.  If you choose to post this information in your posts, you are responsible for the consequences.

Flaming, flamebaiting, and trolling are NOT allowed. This rule applies to posts anywhere on this website including forums, comments, private messages, profile comments, etc.
   Flaming: directly insulting another member
   Flame-baiting: commenting with the intention of getting a flame as a response
   Trolling: Making posts just to annoy people.

Consumers are here for help.  Anything perceived to be remotely close to derogatory, disdainful, or sarcastic content towards the consumers will lead to immediate banning.

No affiliate links in your posts or signatures.  They will be removed.

Keep off-topic posts in the Water Cooler.

Advertising and Promotional Posts are permitted in the Announcements - Products, Rates, Services, Events, etc. forum.   No posting offers another members thread. 

We reserve the right to delete any post without reason or explanation.

Submission of content to this site gives us your consent to reproduce such content in any way, publicly or privately, in any format without any compensation to you.

Offensive Content
Absolutely no pornographic, sexual, offensive material, discussions or links to this sort of material.

Use appropriate language on these forums.

Offensive content can be flagged by other members of the community.  Excessive flags will trigger a review by moderators and can result in banning. 

Do not post false or misleading information, abusive, hateful harassing, threatening, unlawful content.  If you see such behaivor, please report it to a moderator.  Sales pitches posted outside this forum will result in banning.

Do not attempt to impersonate other community members or forum moderators/administrators.  Attempts to do so will be caught and result in immediate bannings.

Do not sign up for more than one account.  IP addresses are tracked and monitored for this sort of behaivor.

Do not attempt to poach users from this community.  Anyone caught trying to recruit members to join other forums or communities will be banned.

Do not use Avatars for promotional purposes including ads and logos.

Signature is these forums are for Premium Members only.

SPAM / Harvesting
No SPAM whatsoever.  This includes private message spam.

Do not attempt to harvest email addresses or other information from this website.  You will be banned along with your IP Address.


Mortgage News Daily reserves the right to restrict access, suspend or terminate your membership to this community at anytime.  Violation of the rules above are grounds for removal from the system.

When an account is banned, both the IP address and email address used to create it will be banned.  Bannings are at the sole discretion of staff and moderators.  If you feel you have been banned in error, we will do our best to review your account.


Mortgage News Daily takes no reponsbility the content contained in these forums.  We do not endorse any content posted by the members of this community.  By using these forums you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mortgage News Daily and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).

Mortgage News Daily reserves the right to change these rules at any time without notification.  You are responsible for reading the rules occasionally for changes.

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