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  • Wed, Feb 5 2014
  • 11:01 PM » Markets could drift as traders await jobs report
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 11:01 PM by CNBC
    Markets are in wait-and-see mode ahead of Friday's jobs report, but there are a few events Thursday that could sway the market's direction.
  • 5:34 PM » Do Green Homes Really Deliver? New Study Tells All
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 5:34 PM by NAHB
    Press Release
  • 4:39 PM » Freddie Mac Said to Offer Higher Payout on Risk-Sharing Bonds - Bloomberg
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 4:39 PM by Bloomberg
    Freddie Mac Said to Offer Higher Payout on Risk-Sharing Bonds Bloomberg Freddie Mac (FMCC) may boost how much it pays bond investors to share the risk of homeowner defaults as the government-controlled mortgage-finance company plans its biggest offering of such debt, according to a person with knowledge of the deal. and more »
  • 4:39 PM » A hawk pushes against majority at Fed on trimming stimulus
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 4:39 PM by Reuters
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala./NEW YORK (Reuters) - Going a step further than his colleagues at the Federal Reserve, a hawkish policymaker said on Wednesday the U.S. central bank should wind down its bond purchases faster than planned and end it before mid-year.
  • 3:15 PM » Fed's Lockhart: Stocks in correction mode; Market may have gotten ahead of itself
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 3:15 PM by CNBC
    Please check back for further updates.
  • 3:15 PM » Industry Experts See Continued Improvement Going Forward in the 55+ Housing Market
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 3:15 PM by NAHB
    Press Release
  • 2:01 PM » Hensarling: Wall Street and Washington Must Be Held Accountable
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 2:01 PM by House Financial Services
    Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) delivered the following statement at today's hearing on how the Dodd-Frank Act's Volcker Rule will impact jobs. During our last Volcker Rule hearing I mentioned receiving correspondence from a constituent of mine, Joseph of Mabank, Texas. He wrote me, "I am a disabled veteran and have been without work for over a year all I want is to have a good-paying job." I receive way too many letters like this from folks like Joseph who are struggling to make ends meet, struggling in this struggling economy. There's William who lives in Ben Wheeler, who says: "I have been out of work for the longest time since my teenage years." And Tina from Canton, who wrote me, "I haven't been able to find a job suitable for my family's needs." I do not recall ever in my lifetime when the challenges of upward mobility and economic opportunity for low and moderate income Americans have been greater. Not surprisingly, I also do not ever recall in my lifetime when the regulatory, red tape burdens on our job creators and capital markets have been greater. I believe, as do most, that there is a clear, direct causal link between the two. Today's exhibit: the 932-page complex, confounding, confusing and convoluted Volcker Rule. Like most of the other 400 rules in Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule is aimed at Wall Street, hits Main Street, and regrettably people like Joseph, William, and Tina have become collateral damage. The Volcker Rule, I believe, remains a solution in search of a problem. Of the 450 financial institutions that failed during or as a result of the financial crisis, not one failed because of proprietary trading. In fact, financial institutions that varied their revenue streams were better able to weather the storm, keep lending and support job growth. Instead, bank failures as we all know came largely from a concentration in lending in poorly underwritten residential real estate...
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    Source: House Financial Services
  • 2:00 PM » Demand for Multifamily Housing will Continue to Rise in 2014 and Beyond
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 2:00 PM by NAHB
    Press Release
  • 1:58 PM » Mortgage Rates Hit Three-Month Low
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 1:58 PM by WSJ
    Average mortgage rates fell to the lowest level since mid-November last week as unease over economic growth in the U.S. and market turmoil abroad prompted investors to load up on government bonds, pushing down long-term interest rates.
  • 1:58 PM » 2014-11: The Interest Rate Elasticity of Mortgage Demand: Evidence From Bunching at the Conforming Loan Limit
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 1:58 PM by Federal Reserve
    Anthony A. DeFusco and Andrew Paciorek. The relationship between the mortgage interest rate and a household's demand for mortgage debt has important implications for a host of public policy questions. In this paper, we use detailed data on over 2.7 million mortgages to provide novel estimates of the interest rate elasticity of mortgage demand. Our empirical strategy exploits a discrete jump in interest rates generated by the conforming loan limit--the maximum loan size eligible for securitization by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This discontinuity creates a large ``notch" in the intertemporal budget constraint of prospective mortgage borrowers, allowing us to identify the causal link between interest rates and mortgage demand by measuring the extent to which loan amounts bunch at the conforming limit. Under our preferred specifications, we estimate that a 1 percentage point increase in the rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage reduces first mortgage demand by between 2 and 3 percent. We also present evidence that about one third of the response is driven by borrowers who take out second mortgages while leaving their total mortgage balance unchanged. Accounting for these borrowers suggests a reduction in total mortgage debt of between 1.5 and 2 percent per percentage point increase in the interest rate. Using these estimates, we predict the changes in mortgage demand implied by past and proposed future increases to the guarantee fees charged by Fannie and Freddie. We conclude that these increases would directly reduce the dollar volume of new mortgage originations by well under 1 percent.
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

    Source: Federal Reserve
  • 11:41 AM » The Foreclosure Crisis Is Not Yet Over for U.S. Metros
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 11:41 AM by National Housing Conference
    by Maya Brennan, National Housing Conference The foreclosure crisis is past the peak but not done yet, according to the latest analysis of metropolitan serious delinquency data on Extremely high foreclosure rates remain in Florida and many Northeastern metro areas, with rates well above normal nationwide. Since the peak of the crisis nationally, serious delinquency rates have gone down only slightly in 18 metro areas and have continued rising in 9 others (largely in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions). More updates and changes on In addition to the new foreclosure commentary, has updated our data, our research resources, and our style. Maps & Data - You can now access the following updated data sets (often connected to maps and strategic policy guidance). September 2013 metropolitan serious delinquency rates and rankings September 2013 foreclosure risk scores September 2013 data on neighborhood conditions   (i.e. the Market Strength - Foreclosure Risk matrix) 2011 HMDA housing market data Clearinghouse section - The Clearinghouse provides a window into the most policy-relevant research and resources for restoring communities affected by foreclosures. We curate Clearinghouse materials and summarize them so that you can easily find what you need and skip the information overload. Streamlined Access to Data, Policy Guidance, and Search Tools Regular users of will notice that a lot of things look different around there. The home page has taken a few steps toward minimalism. The search tools are more obvious. The Maps and Data and the Policy Guide sections are more prominent, along with the new Clearinghouse. Less frequently used sections are still available through header tabs. You can also easily tell when sections were last updated. Tell us what you think! What's Next for While the site's users have been very clear...
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

    Source: National Housing Conference
  • 11:41 AM » Update on disparate impact lawsuit against HUD
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 11:41 AM by
    Alan S. Kaplinsky The settlement and Supreme Court’s dismissal of Mount Holly v. Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc. has increased the potential significance of the lawsuit filed in June 2013 in federal district court in Washington, D.C. challenging HUD's final rule adopted in February 2013 that formalized HUD's use of disparate impact liability under the FHA. The... More >
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

  • 10:59 AM » Judge throws BofA's $8.5 bln deal back in limbo
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 10:59 AM by Market Watch
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Bank of America Corp.'s $8.5 billion settlement over mortgage securities could be in limbo once again. The new judge overseeing the case has postponed giving it final approval, according to reports from Reuters and Bloomberg. Justice Saliann Scarpulla of New York state court in Manhattan agreed to delay approval of the deal after AIG Inc. filed a request Tuesday, and she has decided to hold a hearing later in February. The case involves mortgage securities that Bank of America sold to investors in the run-up to the financial crisis. Some investors sued when those securities went sour, and in 2011 Bank of America agreed to pay $8.5 billion to Bank of New York Mellon Corp., which was the investors' trustee. Some investors, though, including AIG Inc., said the deal wasn't good enough and took the banks to court. Last week, Justice Barbara Kapnick had approved most of the deal. She has since been promoted to an appeals court, meaning her cases were handed over to other judges.
  • 10:58 AM » LA's priciest real estate? Not where you'd think
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 10:58 AM by CNBC
    "It's a deal at $699,000," says Tom Gregory, standing over the cemetery plot he owns. "It's about $10,300 per square foot."
  • 10:58 AM » Genworth to Radian Lead Mortgage Insurer Rally - Bloomberg
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 10:58 AM by Bloomberg
    Genworth to Radian Lead Mortgage Insurer Rally Bloomberg Genworth jumped 4.6 percent to $15.20 at 9:38 a.m., the biggest gain in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index. Radian climbed 4 percent to $14.90. Genworth, which also offers life insurance and long-term care coverage, had a $6 million operating profit at its U.S.  ... and more »
  • 9:46 AM » ABA Real Estate Conference Addresses CFPB Rules, Business Challenges
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 9:46 AM by American Bankers Assoc.
    Washington, February 5, 2014 -- Real estate lenders will find ways to build their business at the American Bankers Association Real Estate Lending Conference, April 6-8 in Charleston, S.C.
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

    Source: American Bankers Assoc.
  • 9:45 AM » Bonds beating stocks in far
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 9:45 AM by CNBC
    Bond prices suffered mightily last year at the hands of the roaring stock market. But fixed income has been the leader in 2014. Analysts weigh in on the outlook.
  • 9:45 AM » US stocks fluctuate at the start ahead of data on service sector
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 9:45 AM by CNBC
    U.S. stocks fluctuated on Wednesday after private data had companies adding fewer employees to their payrolls than anticipated in January.
  • 8:28 AM » Treasurys rise after ADP payrolls report
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 8:28 AM by Market Watch
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Treasury prices extended gains Wednesday after Automatic Data Processing Inc.said the U.S. private sector added 175,000 jobs in January. Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected 189,000 jobs. After the data, the benchmark 10-year note yield, which falls as prices rise, was down 2 basis points on he day at 2.602%. The 30-year bond yield fell a basis point to 3.583%, and the 5-year note yield fell 3 basis points to 1.430%. The Institute for Supply Management will release its nonmanufacturing report at 10 a.m. Eastern.
  • 8:27 AM » Chart of the Day: Cheaper to buy a bigger house
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 8:27 AM by CNBC
    It's getting cheaper and cheaper to buy a big house.
  • 8:27 AM » Mortgage applications stall despite sliding rates
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 8:27 AM by CNBC
    Mortgage applications barely moved last week, even as a run on the U.S. bond market pushed interest rates down. Total applications rose by only 0.4 percent.
  • 8:26 AM » Marijuana refugees face real estate challenges
    Published Wed, Feb 05 2014 8:26 AM by CNBC
    Families looking to move cross-country to a state where marijuana use is legal may find that hunting for a 420-friendly home is no easy feat.
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