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  • Fri, Feb 28 2014
  • 1:49 PM » Last Year's Taper Tantrum May Have Been Taste of the Future, Paper Says
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 1:49 PM by WSJ
    Over the summer of 2013, financial markets convulsed as investors began to price securities for what many investors saw as a nearing chance of a Federal Reserve rate increase, in an episode now called the "Taper Tantrum."
  • 1:48 PM » Fed's Evans Is Willing to Risk Higher Inflation to Boost Hiring
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 1:48 PM by WSJ
    Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said Friday the central bank should be willing to allow inflation to go over its 2% target if that will help the economy get back on track more quickly..
  • 1:46 PM » Fed's Evans, Plosser clash over rate policy rules
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 1:46 PM by Market Watch
    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Two influential Federal Reserve officials clashed on Friday over whether the central bank should follow simple policy rules in the future or use more discretion. Charles Evans, the president of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, said the leading monetary policy rule, known as the Taylor rule, was "an absolute failure" for not indicating how the Fed should respond once short-term interest rates hit zero in December 2008. "If a policy rule is sturdy, the test of its structural foundation comes when a hurricane or earthquake hits," Evans said. Evans said 90% of the Fed's communication challenge is met by stressing its goals of 2% inflation and full employment. On the other hand, Charles Plosser, the president of the Philadelphia regional Fed bank, said that the central bank had to have a "reaction function" if it wanted to use forward guidance as a tool. "The desire to maintain discretion is anathema to the commitment required for successful forward guidance," Plosser said. They made their comments at a forum hosted by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in New York.
  • 12:15 PM » Kocherlakota on instability concerns
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 12:15 PM by CNBC
    A top Fed official said concern that loose monetary policy was fueling financial instability was not a pressing issue.
  • 12:13 PM » Four million homeowners now 'above water'
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 12:13 PM by CNBC
    Rising home prices helped push negative equity below 20 percent nationwide for the first time since the housing crisis.
  • 12:12 PM » Fed's Stein: Bond funds can be risk to stability
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 12:12 PM by Market Watch
    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The rapid growth of fixed-income funds as well as other "similar vehicles," bears "careful watching" for signs of financial instability, said Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein, on Friday. It would be a mistake to be "complacent" simply because such funds are "unlevered," Stein said at a forum on monetary policy sponsored by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Stein was commenting on a paper from several market experts who argued that financial instability can arise from institutions that are non-banks and from easy monetary policy. Appearing on the same panel, Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, said it would be preferable for the Fed to mitigate these risks using supervisory tools instead of monetary policy. Stein said the Fed must be open to either approach
  • 12:11 PM » Freddie Mac Releases 2014 Multifamily Economic Outlook
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 12:11 PM by
    Freddie Mac Releases 2014 Multifamily Economic Outlook
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

  • 10:00 AM » The Week in Charts: Housing survives winter, but buying plans drop
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 10:00 AM by Market Watch
    After weeks of distressing reports, markets finally received some good news about housing this winter. Sales of new homes were surprisingly resilient in January, hitting the fastest pace since 2008, according to data released this week. However, there may be trouble ahead: Applications for purchase mortgages recently hit a 19-year low.
  • 9:09 AM » Goldman faces fixed-income probe
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 9:09 AM by Market Watch
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is facing an investigation related to its bond unit, the bank said in a regulatory filing Friday. The bank gave few details, but said that its "allocations of and trading in fixed-income securities" are among the topics being examined by regulators. In the same filing, Goldman lowered its predictions for how much it might have to spend in legal expenses beyond regular reserves, compared to the previous quarter. The bank said it may need to spend up to $3.6 billion extra, down from its third-quarter prediction of $4 billion. Goldman's fixed-income unit is among its most important, though the business has sputtered industrywide. Read more on The Wall Street Journal.
  • 8:44 AM » A Second Act for Large Loans
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 8:44 AM by WSJ
    An improving economy and rising home values have helped reduce demand for mortgage modifications, but options still exist for borrowers of jumbo loans who might find themselves unable to make their monthly payments.
  • 8:43 AM » US economy lost steam in fourth quarter
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 8:43 AM by CNBC
    The U.S. economy expanded at a less vigorous pace in the fourth quarter than initially believed.
  • 8:43 AM » Fed's Plosser: Still optimistic despite noisy data
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 8:43 AM by Market Watch
    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)-- The economic outlook is still bright despite recent noisy data, said Charles Plosser, president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, on Friday, In an interview on Bloomberg Television, Plosser said he still expects 3% growth this year, according to Dow Jones NewsWires. Plosser said it may take a few months to understand the impact of weather on the recent data. "We have to be a little patient," Plosser said. The Philadelphia Fed president is a voting member of the Fed's policy committee this year.
  • 8:26 AM » Soft data unlikely to change outlook: Fed's Bullard
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 8:26 AM by CNBC
    If the slowdown in the U.S. economy turns out to be more than just weather, St. Louis Fed's Bullard said he's still unlikely to revise his forecast.
  • 8:26 AM » CFPB presses consumer access to credit scores
    Published Fri, Feb 28 2014 8:26 AM by NAFCU
    CFPB Director Richard Cordray on Thursday called on major credit card companies to make credit scores readily available to consumers.
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