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  • Fri, Jan 24 2014
  • 4:19 PM » 5 Things to Watch on the Economic Calendar–January 24
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 4:19 PM by WSJ
    The economic calendar for the week ending January 31 contains reports on housing, factory orders and consumer optimism. The main show will be the Federal Reserve meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday but the State of the Union could include mention of economic topics
  • 4:18 PM » Housing Questions and the Economy
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 4:18 PM by S&P/Case Shiller
    The housing recovery in 2012 and 2013, along with the strong stock market performance, were major contributors to the economy and consumer confidence. In the last few weeks everyone has watched investors become more nervous about the stock market. With mixed economic data, weak housing starts report for December and a soft number for builders […]
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    Source: S&P/Case Shiller
  • 2:50 PM » Bond Report: Treasurys rally as investors shed risk
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 2:50 PM by Market Watch
    Treasury prices traded higher Friday, on track for their second consecutive day of gains, as investor fears over global economic growth triggered a rotation out of riskier assets like emerging markets and into haven securities like U.S. government debt.
  • 12:51 PM » Finally! The stock market gets a reality check
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 12:51 PM by CNBC
    I have been jumping up and down about earnings, says Kenny Polcari. Now, finally, the market is starting to wake up - just in time for the next Fed meeting.
  • 12:51 PM » Cashin: Could selloff cause Fed to slow taper?
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 12:51 PM by CNBC
    Traders are wondering whether Friday's steep declines could cause the Fed to reconsider its taper plans, UBS' Art Cashin told CNBC on Friday.
  • 10:38 AM » These 10 U.S. Cities Will Be Even LESS Affordable In 2014, Study Finds (PHOTOS)
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 10:38 AM by The Huffington Post
    While this certainly isn't the first time we've made the argument for suburban living , this time we're taking a new approach by looking at the cities that haven't drained your pockets in years past, but are making up for lost time . According to CNNMoney, a team at CoreLogic Case-Shiller , which calculated the increases in housing prices (see below for more) for major metro areas across the country, found the housing markets in these areas are hotter than ever. And we're not talking "hot" in the hip way -- we're talking more in the sense that they'll burn the cash right out of your pocket with their expected housing price gains that near 10 percent by September in some areas. If that turns you off of urban living, consider this: New studies reveal that moving to a city can make you calmer, happier and more connected . (But we're guessing that's if you can afford your bills.) According to their website, CoreLogic Case-Shiller is "the company financial services and real estate professionals turn to for comprehensive data, analytics and services." And as they note with regard to this data in particular, "Forecasts are for the 12 months ending September, 2014. Rankings are for metro areas with populations of one million or more. In addition to its own data, CoreLogic Case-Shiller compiled its results using data from the National Association of Realtors, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Moody's Analytics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics." To discover more details of the report, head over to CNNMoney . More from CNNMoney: Top-Earning Towns 25 Best Places for Affordable Homes Best Big-City Neighborhoods Have something to say? Check out HuffPost Home on Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , Tumblr and Instagram . ** Do you have a home story idea or tip? Email us at (PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

    Source: The Huffington Post
  • 10:33 AM » The Week in Charts: Rebounding U.S. housing market faces headwinds
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 10:33 AM by Market Watch
    Key reports in an otherwise light data week show that existing-home sales finished 2013 on an uptick, pushing the annual tally to the highest level in seven years, but obstacles to growth remain.
  • 10:31 AM » No bank too big to indict, US attorney general says
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 10:31 AM by CNBC
    No American financial institution is too large to indict and no bank executive immune from criminal prosecution, Attorney General Eric Holder said.
  • 9:53 AM » Rout in emerging markets may only be in Phase One
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 9:53 AM by Reuters
    LONDON (Reuters) - The flight of investors from the once-booming emerging markets they previously favored with $7 trillion-worth of inflows may have only just begun.
  • 9:40 AM » Freddie Mac Issues Monthly Volume Summary for December 2013
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 9:40 AM by
    Freddie Mac Issues Monthly Volume Summary for December 2013
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

  • 9:40 AM » US stocks start in retreat as emerging-market currencies fall hard
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 9:40 AM by CNBC
    Stocks fell Friday, positioning the S&P 500 for a second weekly drop, as a selloff in emerging-market currencies spooked investors.
  • 8:45 AM » Online lender settles New York lawsuit amid crackdown on massive 'payday' loans
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 8:45 AM by Reuters
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. online lender Western Sky Financial LLC has agreed to pay a $1.5 million penalty and provide refunds to New York borrowers on loans for which it charged interest rates as high as 355 percent, the New York attorney general said on Thursday.
  • 8:43 AM » Gundlach Counting Rotting Homes Makes Subprime Bear: Mortgages - Bloomberg
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 8:43 AM by Bloomberg
    Gundlach Counting Rotting Homes Makes Subprime Bear: Mortgages Bloomberg The founder of $49 billion investment firm DoubleLine Capital LP is largely avoiding the subprime-mortgage bonds that jumped about 17 percent last year after home prices surged by the most since 2006, deterred by the lengthy process to sell foreclosed  ...
  • 8:41 AM » Central Station: Global Selloff Sweeps Emerging Markets
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 8:41 AM by WSJ
    The Wall Street Journal's Daily Report on Global Central Banks for Friday, Jan. 24 HIGHLIGHTS 1) Central Banks Intervene As Emerging Currencies Get Battered; 2) BOE's Carney Signals Rethink On Forward Guidance; 3) Central Banks Phasing Out Dollar Funding; 4) Central Banker Talks Aussie Dollar Down; 5) China Moves to Avert Shadow Lender's Default; 6) South Korean Central Bank Concerned About Yen's Devaluation HILSENRATH'S TAKE The forward guidance that central bankers provide on their plans for short-term interest rates is turning into an increasing muddle. Since December 2012, the Federal Reserve has said it wouldn't consider short-term interest rate hikes until the jobless rate falls to 6.5% and unless inflation looks to be moving above 2.5%. Last year the Bank of England said it wouldn't lift rates at least until the jobless rate fell to 7%. Now as jobless rates in both countries approach their respective thresholds much faster than expected, central bankers are playing down the importance of these hard-and-fast numbers.
  • 8:41 AM » Rental-Home Bond Issues May Reach $20 Billion-a-Year, Stark Says - Bloomberg
    Published Fri, Jan 24 2014 8:41 AM by Bloomberg
    Rental-Home Bond Issues May Reach $20 Billion-a-Year, Stark Says Bloomberg Wall Street may sell more than $20 billion a year of bonds backed by rental homes as investors become comfortable buying securities tied to loans to small landlords, according to Ryan Stark, a director who runs mortgage finance at Deutsche Bank AG.
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