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  • Thu, Jul 18 2013
  • 6:24 PM » Moody's upgrades US outlook to 'stable'
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 6:24 PM by CNBC
    Moody's stood down from the possibility of cutting the U.S. sovereign credit rating in coming months.
  • 6:22 PM » Jobless rates drop in 11 U.S. states in June: Labor Department
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 6:22 PM by Reuters
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jobless rates fell in only 11 U.S. states in June, the Labor Department said on Thursday in a report revealing the bumps on the road to economic recovery.
  • 6:22 PM » Economix Blog: Labor Force Participation Is Not Coming Back
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 6:22 PM by
    A new piece of economic modeling suggests that the United States will have less unemployment and also less employment.        
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  • 6:21 PM » Blackstone Second-Quarter Profit Triples as Fees Rise - Bloomberg
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 6:21 PM by Bloomberg
    Blackstone Second-Quarter Profit Triples as Fees Rise Bloomberg Blackstone Group LP, the world's largest manager of alternative assets such as private equity and real estate, said second-quarter profit more than tripled as holdings rose and its funds realized profits. Economic net income, a measure of earnings excluding  ... and more »
  • 6:19 PM » NAHB Seeks Changes to the PATH Act to Ensure a Healthy Housing Finance System
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 6:19 PM by NAHB
    Press Release
  • 4:42 PM » June Bay Area Home Sales Press Release
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:42 PM by DataQuick
    Record Annual Gain for Bay Area Median Home Sale Price; Sales Dip Again July 18, 2013 La Jolla, CA.--The median price paid for a Bay Area home rose at its fastest pace on record in June, the result of disappearing distress sales, an improving economy, and mortgage rates that, while up off bottom, remain very low. The number of transactions fell as a slow-growing supply of homes for sale continued to fall short of demand and purchases by cash and investor buyers eased, a real estate information service reported. The median price paid for a home in the nine-county Bay Area last month was $555,000, the highest since it was $587,500 in December 2007. Last month's median was up 6.9 percent from $519,000 in May, and up 33.1 percent from $417,000 in June 2012, according to San Diego-based DataQuick. The Bay Area median peaked at $665,000 in June and July 2007, then dropped to $290,000 in March 2009. From October 2008 to April 2009 the year-over-year drop for each month exceeded 40 percent. Much of the median's ups and downs can be attributed to shifts in the types of homes sold. When adjusting for these shifts, it appears that three fourths of June's 33.1 percent year-over-year rise reflects an increase in home values, while the rest is the result of a change in market mix. In a sign of continued market confidence, Bay Area home buyers continue to put near record amounts of their own money into residential real estate. In June they paid a total of $2.3 billion out of their own pockets in the form of down payments or cash purchases. That was down from May's all-time high of $2.6 billion, and up from $2.2 billion a year ago. "It's easier for a market to regain lost ground than to push into new territory. We're still bouncing off the bottom. This next part of the cycle should be fairly self-adjusting. As prices go up, more homes will come on the market. Price pressures will ease. The only element we don't know much about right now is how much pent...
  • 4:42 PM » CoreLogic Releases First Quarter 2013 Renter Applicant Risk
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:42 PM by
    -Year-Over-Year Comparison Shows Improved Applicant Credit Quality- CoreLogic ® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading residential property information, analytics and services provider, today released its CoreLogic Renter Applicant Risk (RAR) Index Report for the first quarter of 2013. The index shows a two-point year-over-year increase to a value of 104. The rise in the index is a sign of improving ability to meet lease obligations among prospective apartment renters nationwide. Published quarterly, the RAR Index Report provides market-based benchmarks for evaluating credit quality and risk of default among renters applying for apartment homes in multifamily housing units and single-family rentals. Using a mean of 100, an index value above 100 indicates improved applicant credit quality and decreased lease default risk, and a value below 100 indicates declining applicant credit quality and increased lease default risk. "It's encouraging to see better qualified applicants who are more likely to meet their lease obligations," said Jay Harris, senior director, CoreLogic SafeRent. "As the economy continues to grow slowly, conditions appear cautiously optimistic for continued improvement in renter applicant qualifications in the year ahead. During this relatively upbeat period, renter trends are pointing toward increased confidence among property owners and applicants." Figure 1: United States Renter Applicant Risk Index Data National Renter Trends as of First Quarter 2013 Fewer prospective residents apply: Renter applicant traffic nationally was down slightly on a same-store basis (measuring the same properties over time). Year over year, the CoreLogic index measuring applicant traffic for the same properties* decreased by 5.4 percent for Class A properties. The index decreased by 3.7 percent for Class B properties and the index decreased by 4.4 percent for Class C properties. Applicant incomes rise: In the first quarter of 2013, applicants' incomes inched...
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  • 4:37 PM » Bernanke's message today to inflation conspiracy theorists
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:37 PM by
    An interesting exchange today on Capitol Hill between Senator Tom Coburn and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, one that should be illuminating to folks who think the US is currently experiencing 1970s style inflation — but that government is fudging the … read more >
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  • 4:34 PM » The Fed: What we learned from two days of Bernanke
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:34 PM by Market Watch
    Fed Chief Ben Bernanke in two days of testimony drove home the notion that the central bank intends to slow down asset purchases later this year.
  • 4:34 PM » Bernanke sees need for backstop for mortgage market
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:34 PM by Reuters
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke weighed into the contentious debate over the future of the housing finance system on Thursday, saying some sort of backstop for mortgages was needed to protect the financial system in times of stress.
  • 4:34 PM » Bernanke: premature to say if 'mixed' data will delay bond taper
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:34 PM by Reuters
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Thursday it was too soon to judge if recent "mixed" signals from the U.S. economy would prompt the central bank to delay plans to trim its bond buying later this year.
  • 4:13 PM » House flipping is back, flourishing again
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 4:13 PM by CNBC
    Home prices bouncing off the bottom have created a prefect storm for buying and selling the same home in many parts of the country. Flippers came roaring back in the first half of the year, according to a report by RealtyTrac.
  • 12:51 PM » U.S. Senate panel backs Watt for housing regulator
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 12:51 PM by Reuters
    WASHINGTON, July 18 (Reuters) – The Senate Banking Committee on Thursday backed Representative Mel Watt to be the next regulator of government-controlled mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, sending the nomination to the full Senate where it faces an uncertain fate. President Barack Obama nominated Watt, a Democrat from North Carolina, to replace Edward [...]
  • 12:46 PM » Housing: Should you stay or should you go?
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 12:46 PM by CNBC
    Rising mortgage rates may soon lead potential homebuyers to think twice before signing contracts. But with the August doldrums approaching, planning a sale is complicated.
  • 11:00 AM » Bernanke: Fed tapering depends on economic data
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 11:00 AM by CNBC
    Ben Bernanke says the Fed's efforts to boost the U.S. economy remain tied to the job market's health and inflation, delivering what could be his final semiannual economic report to Congress.
  • 10:40 AM » Here's one explanation for the decline in US startups — and the weak economic recovery
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 10:40 AM by
    One big reason the US economic recovery has been so anemic: weakness in the small and young firms which typically have high job creation rates. (The sector also generate lots of innovation.) These businesses were were hit especially hard by the … read more >
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  • 10:39 AM » Will the guy who made a spectacularly wrong interest-rate bet be the next Fed chair?
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 10:39 AM by
    Larry Summers’ remarks about the innate math abilities of women isn’t the only thing about his Harvard tenure that could hurt his chances to be the next Fed chair. A reminder from Bloomberg’s Matthew Klein: During the financial crisis, Harvard lost … read more >
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  • 10:38 AM » To QE or not to QE: The $57 trillion question
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 10:38 AM by Market Watch
    The total value of the credit-market debt in the U.S. is nearly $57 trillion dollars, and the question of how the end of quantitative easing will effect it is not an insignificant one.
  • 10:35 AM » FHA Watch, July 2013 (Vol. 2, No. 7)
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 10:35 AM by
    Earlier this month, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), along with subcommittee chairs Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Randy Neugebauer (R-TX), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), unveiled the Protecting American Taxpayers and Homeowners (PATH) Act of 2013. Title II encompasses the most significant and common-sense FHA reform legislation in memory.
  • 10:34 AM » Mortgage Rates Cool Off
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 10:34 AM by
    Mortgage Rates Cool Off
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

  • 9:13 AM » Misfit Borrowers Attracting Lenders as Housing Revives - Bloomberg
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 9:13 AM by Bloomberg
    Misfit Borrowers Attracting Lenders as Housing Revives Bloomberg Raj Date helped write new rules for U.S. mortgage underwriting as deputy director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board. Now he's building a company that will offer loans to borrowers blocked by the agency's standards. Date, 42, left the CFPB in  ...
  • 8:21 AM » Has Bernanke mastered balance of hawks and doves?
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 8:21 AM by CNBC
    In delivering a testimony that didn't rattle markets for a change, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may have mastered the art of communicating a message that's neither too hawkish nor too dovish, analysts say.
  • 8:21 AM » Bill Gross says, time to buy 5-7 year Treasurys
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 8:21 AM by CNBC
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's semi-annual testimony on Wednesday drew swift advice from bond guru Bill Gross: buy five to seven-year Treasurys since interest rates are likely to be on hold for some time.
  • 8:18 AM » Tight lending may be getting too loose: BB&T CEO
    Published Thu, Jul 18 2013 8:18 AM by CNBC
    Loan underwriting, tightened dramatically after the 2008 financial crisis, is about halfway back to the "too liberal" standards before the Great Recession, BB&T Chairman and CEO Kelly King warns on CNBC.
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