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  • Mon, Feb 4 2013
  • 9:42 PM » Did Anonymous Hack The Federal Reserve?
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:42 PM by The Huffington Post
    <p>Internet activist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the apparent hack of a U.S. government website on Feb. 3, less than a week after defacing two other sites as part of the group's ongoing Operation Last Resort. </p> <p>According to ZDNet, <a href="" target="_hplink">Anonymous hacked the website of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center</a> and posted a spreadsheet on the site that appeared to contain the "login information... credentials, IP addresses, and contact information of American bank executives." ZDNet also reported that names in the data dump matched those of current "management at community banks, community credit unions and more, across the United States"</p> <p>The <a href="" target="_hplink">Twitter account for Operation Last Resort</a>, through which Anonymous has been coordinating its online response to the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, claimed that the credentials of 4,000 U.S. bank executives had been obtained via Federal Reserve computers:</p> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Now we have your attention America: Anonymous's Superbowl Commercial 4k banker d0x via the FED <a href="" title=""> </a> <a href="">#opLastResort</a> <a href="">#Anonymous</a></p>- OpLastResort (@OpLastResort) <a href="
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    Source: The Huffington Post
  • 9:27 PM » Trust Sues DLJ Mortgage Capital Over $1 Billion Loan Pool
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:27 PM by Business Week
    Trust Sues DLJ Mortgage Capital Over $1 Billion Loan Pool Businessweek Credit Suisse Group AG's (CSGN) DLJ Mortgage Capital unit was sued by a trust seeking the repurchase of defective loans in a pool of more than 5,000 mortgages with an aggregate principal balance of about $1 billion. An analysis of more than 1,500 loans ...
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    Source: Business Week
  • 9:21 PM » U.S. Senators ask Regulators to Stop Bank Payday Lending
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:21 PM by CRL
    Five U.S. Senators have asked the OCC, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve to stop the banks under their respective jurisdictions from making predatory payday loans. At least four big banks have started making the triple-digit interest loans, which are virtually identical to the predatory payday loans that trap borrowers in long-term, high-cost harmful debt.
  • 9:19 PM » Europe Gives Market Heartburn, Selloff Could Continue
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:19 PM by CNBC
    Worries about Europe gave stocks agita on Monday for the first time in months, and it may be the excuse to take profits from the new year's rally.
  • 5:40 PM » Freddie Mac Names Top Multifamily Lenders of 2012
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 5:40 PM by
    Freddie Mac Names Top Multifamily Lenders of 2012
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  • 2:45 PM » Objectors to $8.5 billion pact challenge BofA mortgage modifications
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:45 PM by Reuters
    NEW YORK/CHARLOTTE, N.C (Reuters) - A group of mortgage-backed securities investors says Bank of America Corp failed to buy back more than $30 billion in loans from investors after the bank modified the mortgages to reduce borrower payments.
  • 2:44 PM » S&P may face suit over mortgage-bond ratings: WSJ
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:44 PM by Market Watch
    The Justice Department and state prosecutors intend to file civil charges alleging wrongdoing by Standard & Poor's Ratings Services in its rating of mortgage bonds before the financial crisis erupted in 2008, according to people familiar with the matter.
  • 2:38 PM » US to File Civil Charges Against S&P Over MBS Ratings
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:38 PM by CNBC
    Federal prosecutors intend to bring civil charges against Standard & Poor's for wrongdoing in its rating of mortgage bonds prior to the 2008 financial crisis.
  • 2:34 PM » New Rules Help Borrowers Cover Refi Costs
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:34 PM by WSJ
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will begin allowing mortgage lenders to kick in up to $2,000 for borrowers seeking to refinance their home mortgage under a government program for homeowners with little or no home equity.
  • 2:23 PM » Why Euro Seems Headed for a Fall
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:23 PM by CNBC
    European stocks and the euro are tumbling on political uncertainty and a lackluster euro zone economic outlook. A number of strategists think the weakness will continue.
  • 2:10 PM » Beware 'Credit Supernova' Looming Ahead : Gross
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:10 PM by CNBC
    Pimco's Bill Gross looks at the investing universe and sees a supernova - a looming explosion that could see investors lost in space.
  • 2:04 PM » 84 Percent of Refinancing Homeowners Maintain or Reduce Mortgage Debt in Fourth Quarter
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 2:04 PM by
    84 Percent of Refinancing Homeowners Maintain or Reduce Mortgage Debt in Fourth Quarter
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  • 12:18 PM » Bad history, worse policy: How Dodd-Frank puts America at risk
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 12:18 PM by
    Peter Wallison’s new book “Bad History, Worse Policy: How a False Narrative about the Financial Crisis Led to the Dodd-Frank Act,” (AEI Press, January 2013) provides the answer: the act was based on a false narrative about the causes of the financial crisis. This book release event will examine how a mistaken view of an event leads to bad policy decisions.
  • 12:18 PM » Dodd-Frank creates a bizarro world of housing finance
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 12:18 PM by
    In Superman comics there exists a Bizarro World where the inhabitants do the opposite of all things normal. For example, a salesman does a brisk trade selling Bizarro bonds: "Guaranteed to lose money for you".
  • 12:02 PM » Federal Reserve Should Do Less, Not More: Morici
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 12:02 PM by CNBC
    It might be better to take a second recession now than face the kind of calamity in real estate and financial markets that is brewing, and for the Fed to resist calls to do more.
  • 11:34 AM » Surprise! Dodd-Frank Helps JPMorgan Chase
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 11:34 AM by CNBC
    According to chief executive Jamie Dimon, higher capital rules, Volcker and OTC derivative reforms longer-term make it more expensive and tend to make it tougher for smaller players to enter the market, effectively widening JPM's "moat."
  • 10:43 AM » Treasury speech offers hope for mortgage finance reform, highlights challenge
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 10:43 AM by National Housing Conference
    Michael Stegman by Ethan Handelman, National Housing Conference Earlier this week, Michael Stegman, counselor to the Treasury Secretary for housing finance policy, spoke about the unresolved challenge of reforming our mortgage finance system, particularly Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In his remarks, he offered hope for those committed to a future mortgage finance system that broadens affordable rental and homeownership opportunity while protecting American taxpayers. He also identified the lack of cohesion among competing interests as a barrier to moving forward. Stegman laid out five principles to guide a new mortgage finance system that go a little bit beyond the three options paper Treasury offered up two years ago and signaling a stronger commitment to an ongoing federal role. They're concise and worth quoting (as reported by Nick Timiraos of the Wall Street Journal ): Private capital should "bear the primary burden for credit losses" and taxpayers should be "strongly protected."  Households should have access to "sustainable mortgage credit, which must include long-term fixed rate mortgages."  The government should promote counter-cyclical lending-that is, markets that provide credit even during periods of severe stress.  Borrowers in all communities, and across the income spectrum, must be served.  Any housing-finance overhaul must also address the needs of renters. These align well with the principles NHC put forward (see the broad principles and the multifamily principles ) even longer ago than the Treasury paper. So there's hope that we will eventually see movement toward a new and better housing finance system. But Stegman also highlighted the challenge that competing interests in the mortgage space have not come anywhere near a consensus. Interest groups demanding that government officials make tough choices is hardly new. Indeed, it's part of the reason we have government officials...
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    Source: National Housing Conference
  • 10:11 AM » Fannie Mae and its Lenders Finance $33.8 Billion in Multifamily Loans in 2012
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 10:11 AM by Fannie Mae
    News Release - Fannie Mae and its Lenders Finance $33.8 Billion in Multifamily Loans in 2012 Fannie Mae.
  • 9:16 AM » Troubled Euro Countries Could Recover Sooner Than Expected: S&P
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:16 AM by CNBC
    The ratings agency pointed out that Spain and Portugal in particular had seen exports rise strongly. "For 2013, we forecast that Spain, Portugal and Ireland will operate outright current account surpluses, potentially enabling them to post an earlier recovery of GDP than we had previously anticipated," the report said.
  • 9:08 AM » On the Storm Front: Mobilizing Mortgage Relief
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 9:08 AM by Freddie Mac
    By VP of Housing and Community Outreach Christina Diaz-Malone Since Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, Freddie Mac has been continuously providing relief and support to borrowers and communities across the affected region. After the storm hit, Freddie Mac staff began – and continue – to train housing counselors on disaster relief options for borrowers and work directly with hundreds of families at local borrower outreach events. Our outreach teams have mobilized and connected with non-profit organizations and federal, state, and local government task forces and commissions to expedite assistance and provide critical resources, including the short-term use of suitable REO homes as rental housing. Read More
  • 7:35 AM » Foreclosure Process Hammers Florida's Housing Market
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 7:35 AM by
    As much of the country enjoys the start of a housing recovery, Florida is still being swamped by foreclosures. Experts blame the state's legal process and they say it will be a while before the housing market is fully rebuilt in the Sunshine State.
  • 7:34 AM » Big money betting big on housing
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 7:34 AM by CNN
    Investors are betting big on the housing recovery.
  • 7:34 AM » As Big Banks Cut Back, Small Lenders Ride Mortgage Wave
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 7:34 AM by CNBC
    Independent mortgage lenders and community banks are winning business from banks such as Citigroup or Bank of America that have retrenched after the financial crisis.
  • 12:01 AM » NYC Foreclosures Up 19%
    Published Mon, Feb 04 2013 12:01 AM by The Big Picture
    NY Post: “While foreclosures nationally fell 3 percent last year, New York City filings climbed 19 percent, or 13,116 properties, according to a new report. The outer boroughs were the hardest hit, with Queens seeing a 164 percent rise year-over-year and Staten Island rising 19 percent over the same time frame, according to RealtyTrac, which [...]
    Click Here to Read the Full Article

    Source: The Big Picture
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