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  • Wed, Dec 28 2011
  • 12:30 PM » NAR: Relocation Activity of REALTORS®
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 12:30 PM by National Association of Realtors
    REALTORS’® firms provide them with additional resources, including websites and relocation departments. Nine in ten REALTORS® reported that their firms have a web presence, and 2 percent indicated that there is not currently a presence, but a site is planned. Almost 40 percent of REALTOR® firms had a relocation department or business development department responsible [...]
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    Source: National Association of Realtors
  • 11:17 AM » Dodd-Frank One Year On: Implications for Shadow Banking
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 11:17 AM by NY Fed
    Tobias Adrian. Dodd-Frank One Year On: Implications for Shadow Banking. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports Staff Report Number 533, December 2011.
  • 11:17 AM » Buyers' View of Homes as a Financial Investment
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 11:17 AM by National Association of Realtors
    While most home buyers continue to see their home purchase not only as a place to live, but also as a good financial investment, a smaller share of buyers expressed this view than in the past. Seventy-eight percent of buyers feel that their home purchase is a good financial investment, while only 8 percent felt [...]
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    Source: National Association of Realtors
  • 9:14 AM » BRIC Decade Ends With Record Fund Outflows
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 9:14 AM by Bloomberg
    In the past decade, mutual funds poured almost $70 billion into , Russia, India and , stocks more than quadrupled gains in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index and the economies grew four times faster than America's. Now , which coined the term BRIC, says the best is over for the largest emerging markets. BRIC funds recorded $15 billion of outflows this year as the MSCI BRIC Index sank 24 percent, EPFR Global data show. The gauge, which beat the S&P 500 by 390 percentage points from November 2001 through September 2010, has trailed the measure for five straight quarters, the longest stretch since Goldman Sachs forecast the countries would join the U.S. and Japan as the top economies by 2050. "In emerging markets, we're waiting for things to get worse before they get better," said , the chairman of Marketfield Asset Management in who predicted in February that developing-nation stocks would fall this year. The $845 million Marketfield has topped 97 percent of peers in 2011, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
  • 8:48 AM » Euro Seen Having Another Bumpy Ride in 2012
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 8:48 AM by CNBC
    2011 was the most dramatic year for the euro in the decade since the single currency was launched. Countries such as Ireland and Greece had to be bailed out after the cost of their debt soared as the euro zone debt crisis engulfed the region. Italy and Spain-the region's third- and fourth-largest economies, respectively-looked in danger of needing to seek a bailout. There has even been speculation that the currency itself will not survive this crisis, which would have been almost unthinkable a year earlier. While it seems secure for now, experts predict that the value of the euro is likely to fall against the dollar next year. "The problems with the euro will express themselves most clearly against the dollar," Simon Derrick, chief currency strategist, BNY Mellon, told "I thought we would bottom out towards the end of this year, but that looks optimistic now." He believes the euro will finish 2012 in the low 1.20 range against the dollar. The euro, which closed 2010 at 1.3385 against the dollar, has ranged between 1.2950 and 1.4247 this year. It looks set to close down slightly on the year despite market turbulence throughout 2011.
  • 8:48 AM » Financial Amnesia a Factor Behind Crisis
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 8:48 AM by CNBC
    Fund managers and financial advisers should be forced to study financial history to reduce the likelihood of future market panics and crashes, according to a leading trade body for investment professionals. A report by the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of the UK condemns "financial amnesia" among institutional investors, arguing that a failure to heed the lessons of past bubbles was a key factor behind the global financial crisis. CFA UK, which represents 9,000 investment professionals, argues that the study of financial history should form a major part of all compulsory education for retail and wholesale investment professionals. "Financial amnesia disarms individuals, the market and the regulator," the body said. "It causes risk to be mispriced, bubbles to develop and crises to break."
  • 8:45 AM » Italy short-term debt costs halve at auction
    Published Wed, Dec 28 2011 8:45 AM by Reuters
    (Reuters) - Italy's short-term debt costs halved at auction Wednesday as a new package of budget austerity and an injection of cheap long-term money from the European Central Bank won Rome some respite in thin year-end markets. Analysts warned market nerves could easily reignite and pointed to a tougher test Thursday when Italy will sell up to 8.5 billion euros ($11.1 bln) of longer-term bonds, including three- and ten-year paper. But the lowest six-month auction yield and strongest bid-to-cover ratio since September added to a sense that some of the tension around the countries now at the center of Europe's debt problems had eased for a moment. European stocks .EU rose and the euro edged up in response. "This is the first piece of good news for Italy's bond market since the crisis erupted (for Rome) in July," said Nicholas Spiro of Spiro Sovereign Strategy.
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