Co-Branding Overview
What is co-branding with NO COMPETITOR ADS?

Over the years we've had countless cases of feedback that said, "We'd love to link to your content but there are too many competitor ads." It is for this reason we've developed Co-branding with NO COMPETITOR ADS.

With our co-branding technology, anytime you send a client or colleague to Mortgage News Daily using a co-branded link, we:

  • Remove all competitor ads from our website for the duration of their visit (and an additional 7 days)
  • Add your business card to highly visible areas of each page where the advertisements used to be.

And we've made this very simple to use in a variety of ways.

How can you use co-branding?  You can:
  • Link to any MND page from your website
  • Send links via email
  • Forward stories via email, from MND
  • Forward our daily newsletter
  • Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.
  • Place our rates and news widgets on your website
  • Print or save PDF copies of articles
  • and more...
How do I get started?

The first and most important step is to update your profile so your co-branded business card on our pages will be populated with information. There are several options in the right menu under the 'EDIT PROFILE' heading that you'll want to visit.

You'll also want to make sure co-branding is Enabled. It is not enabled by default. You can enable it anywhere you find 'Co-branded Sharing Tools' or go here.

There are 5 options under the Co-branding menu on the right side of this page that explain how to use the different types of co-branding. But, for your convenience, here they are:
  • Website Links - On your website, email signatures or send them to someone directly.
  • Email and Newsletters - Forward them with our co-branded info and embedded links
  • Social Media Sites - Stay in front of your Twitter, FB, etc. followers with co-branded tweets.
  • Hard Copies / PDF Prints - Print articles from MND with your information embedded.
  • Widgets - Enhance your website with News Tickers and Interest Rate Widgets, embedded with your co-branded URLs.
How can I test it out?
Here are a couple of links with co-branding id embedded.
What the advantages?

Maintain and enhance your client relationships by delivering relevant and timely information to your clients, co-branded with your information and NO COMPETITOR ADS!

Feed your social media marketing efforts will relevant tweets, facebook posts, linkedin, etc.

Enhance your website with timely and dynamic content using our widgets.

+ Email Newsletter / Alerts