As markets anxiously await news of the bailout plan, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway announced that it will be buying $3 billion in General Electric preferred stock deal.

GE's announcement Wednesday involves preferred stock that carries a dividend of 10%. The deal is similar to the $5 billion stake in Goldman Sachs.

"I have been a friend and admirer of GE and its leaders for decades. They have strong global brands and businesses with which I am quite familiar. I am confident that GE will continue to be successful in the years to come," Buffett announced in a press release.

In an interview on CNBC following the announcement, Buffett said that he expects Congress to pass the bailout plan. Buffett noted that this is a rescue plan for the U.S. economy, not Wall Street.

When asked whether he could invest in the plan, Buffet replied that if the U.S. Treasury offered him a 1% stake in it, he would take the deal.

By Steve Stecyk and edited by Nancy Girgis
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