The massive public database of consumer complaint information which the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) brought on-line in March has now been enhanced. The Bureau announced today that it has expanded its Consumer Complaint Database to include state-by-state information. The CFPB also added complaints about money transfers and credit reporting to the database.

The searchable database allows consumer to track complaints about products and services levied by other consumers. Information is available on more than 90,000 individual complaints which, in addition to the two categories added today, include entries about mortgages, student loans, bank accounts and services.

Consumers can see what other customers complained about, when, and why as well as how the company responded to the complaint, whether it was handled in a timely manner, and if the customer agreed with or disputed the resolution.

The data covers more than one million data points and in many cases includes a sub-category of products. For example, one can search for complaints regarding reverse mortgages, home equity lines or credit lines, conventional fixed or adjustable rate mortgages within the main mortgage category.

The data is interactive and can be downloaded so consumers can build their own charts and graphs or embed the information on websites or share through social media. At the time the data base first went on line CFPB said it expected that smart phone apps would also become available.

Of the expansion announced today, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said, "This data puts valuable information in the hands of consumers to help them understand what is happening in their states. And by adding credit reporting and money transfer complaints to the Consumer Complaint Database, we are making these important markets more transparent and accountable to all consumers."

Consumers can view and interact with the database at