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Matthew Graham
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Chief Operating Officer

A former originator, Matt fell into the rabbit hole of following the bond market in order to better understand mortgage rate movement. While the systems available at the time were useful, they barely scratched the surface. They also ran the risk of teaching originators to focus on things that didn't really matter.

So Matt set out to build something that solved both problems. In the 20 years that followed, Matt has proven to be the industry's foremost innovator in market data services designed specifically for mortgage originators. MBS Live continues to be the most trusted, most accurate, and most timely source of streaming bond prices, data and dialogue.

Matt is routinely featured in the media as a mortgage rate expert and is responsible for helping several major media outlets modernize their mortgage rate reporting. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys skiing, fishing, hunting, coaching youth sports, playing in the old guy league, and most of all, spending time with his family. He owns a 220lb anvil that he loaded into the back of his truck by himself and is now recovering from back surgery. Until he figures out how to take his first weekday off (surgery was a half day, to be fair), you can always find him in the live chat window on the dashboard any time the bond market is open.

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Rates Strategist / Editor, MBS Live / MND
May 2007 - Present (17 Years)