MBS & Treasury Prices
MBS and Treasury prices are updated manually with end of day prices. We would love to have kept data more timely, as it was previously, but restrictions from data providers make that impossible at this time. As always, for those who need something more timely, paid, real-time data is available on MBS Live.
We are currently working through some non-technical issues with our data provider, which has led to the unavailability of MBS and Treasury prices. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time for when the situation will be resolved.
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Matt Graham
UMBS 30YR 6.0 99-10 +0-01
UMBS 30YR 6.5 101-03 +0-00
UMBS 15YR 6.0 100-18 -0-02
Ginnie Mae 30YR 6.0 100-03 +0-01
Ginnie Mae 30YR 6.5 101-07 +0-02
Delayed Pricing
4/19/24 05:04PM EST
2 YR 4.988 -0.002
5 YR 4.672 -0.006
7 YR 4.653 -0.009
10 YR 4.622 -0.004
30 YR 4.710 -0.022
Delayed Pricing
4/19/24 05:04PM EST
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MBS Commentary
Fri, Apr 19 2024, 4:32 PM
Sometimes Sideways is The Best Case Scenario Granted, there was a possibility that today could have been a rally day for the bond market, but as seen in the overnight trading session, that possibility depended on... (continue reading)
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Mortgage Rate Watch
Fri, Apr 19 2024, 4:30 PM
The Fed expected to be able to cut rates 3 times in 2024 as recently as March. Financial markets agreed. But the data that's come out since then has everyone singing a different tune.  This week's data was more of an afterthought compared to last week's. The chart above pertains to Fed rate expectations, and that's not exactly the same as... (continue reading)
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Additional Data
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LIBOR Today Yesterday Change
1 Month 5.10571 5.10443 +0.00128
3 Month 5.33914 5.33686 +0.00228
6 Month 5.38986 5.35286 +0.03700
1 Year 5.29800 5.19971 +0.09829
5/9/23 6:55AM EST
Mortgage Rates Rate Points Change
30 Yr. Fixed 7.44% 0.00 +0.01%
15 Yr. Fixed 6.85% 0.00 +0.01%
30 Yr. Jumbo 7.62% 0.00 +0.00%
7/6 SOFR ARM 7.41% 0.00 +0.01%
30 Yr. FHA 6.92% 0.00 +0.02%
30 Yr. VA 6.94% 0.00 +0.02%