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The Nevada Real Estate Division safeguards and promotes the public interest in real estate transactions. The Real Estate Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Department of Business and Industry, and adopts the regulations. License statistics show there are approximately 20,760 active real estate agents in Nevada and approximately 5,330 inactive agents.   The division of Real Estate maintains two offices, one in Carson City, and the other in Las Vegas.

The requirements for a real estate salesperson license in Nevada include needing to successfully complete 90 hours, or 6 semester units, of approved real estate courses from a Nevada accredited provider. The courses must include a minimum of 18 hours of Nevada law. The applicants must pass the Nevada state real estate exams within one year from applying for their license. National examination results from another state may qualify for the exam requirements.

The requirements for a real estate broker license in Nevada include needing to have been actively engaged full time as either a broker or salesperson for at least two of the four immediately preceding years.  In addition to the requirements for the salesperson, the broker applicant must complete an additional 90 hours, or 6 semester units of approved real estate courses from a Nevada accredited provider.

Broker applicants must successfully complete 64 semester units of approved real estate courses, which need to include 18 hours of Nevada real estate law that may not be waived by experience and 3 semester units of Broker Management Training that may not be waived by experience. For every 2 years of real estate licensed experience, Nevada will allow 16 college credits towards all education with the exception of 45 hours Broker Management and 18 hours Nevada real estate law.

The approved Real Estate Schools for salesperson prelicensure and approved schools for broker prelicensure, include classroom courses, distance education courses and computer based courses.

All original real estate licenses are valid for a one year period ending on the last day of the month during which one obtains their license. Each renewal thereafter is for two years. There is no grace period for renewal of the license.

Original license fees for a salesperson are $125 and $145 for a broker.

Before renewing a license the first time all broker and salesperson applicants need to successfully complete 30 hours of approved continuing education courses, including 6 hours of designated courses. The renewal fee for a salesperson license is $180.00 and for a broker license is $220.00.

For the second and subsequent renewals, all agents must complete 15 hours of continuing education courses, including 6 hours of designated courses. The renewal fee remains the same. The designated courses are in law and/or ethics, or agency law. Inactive real estate licenses must also be renewed by the expiration date. However, no continuing education courses are required in order to renew the inactive license. A child support statement must be completed regardless of parental status.

You can locate almost all of the Nevada real estate forms online.

Real estate careers are strengthened by membership in the many organizations that provide services for the professional agent. Those holding a real estate license usually join organizations like the Nevada Association of Realtors, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). The National Association of Realtors (NAR), the world's largest professional association, assists many in locating real estate jobs within the industry. These organizations are also excellent resources of real estate education and enriching one's profession.

Nevada Real Estate Forms

Nevada Reciprocity States

  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • West Virginia

(as of 2/23/2010)


Nevada Approved Real Estate Schools Prelicensing and Postlicensing Education

Community Colleges

College of Southern Nevada
Truckee Meadows Community College
Western Nevada College


Private Schools

ABC Real Estate School (Las Vegas)
Avalon School of Real Estate (Reno)
Berkshire Professional Schools, LLC) (Las Vegas)
National Real Estate Institute (Henderson)
Northern Nevada Real Estate School (Reno)
Pioneer School of Real Estate (Carson City)
Real Estate School of Nevada (Las Vegas)

Last Update:  3/1/2010
This list may not include all approved schools. Please visit  the Nevada Real Estate Division website for the latest list of approved real estate schools.