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The Hawaii Real Estate Branch (REB) is part of the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division (P&VLD) of the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (DCCA). The Real Estate Commission is one of forty boards and commissions under the DCCA and the Commission's office is in Honolulu. The Real Estate Branch assists the Real Estate Commission with its responsibilities for licensing, education and discipline of real estate licensees. Of the approximate 15,400 real estate licensees in Hawaii, 9,600 have active licenses and 5,800 are inactive. There are 3,150 brokers and 9,800 salespersons.

The requirements to obtain a real estate agent license in Hawaii include being at least 18 years of age by the examination date and being a United States citizen or national or alien authorized to work in the United States. Applicants must provide proof of having a reputation and/or record of competency, honesty, financial integrity, fair dealing and truthfulness.

The requirements for obtaining a real estate salesperson license in Hawaii include successfully completingthe prelicensing education course. The school completion certificates are valid for a period of two years. The applicant must also pass the salesperson's examination and then has another two years in which to actually apply for the license. To receive an active license, the salesperson applicant must be employed or associated with a licensed real estate broker.

The requirements for obtaining a real estate broker license in Hawaii include holding a current Hawaii real estate salesperson license, or a current salesperson or broker license in another state that has an equivalent real estate licensing law. The applicant must have been a full-time real estate salesperson in Hawaii for at least three years during the preceding five-year period and had practical experience. This includes at least forty hours per week with no credit for part-time work. In some situations the Commission can substitute the equivalency of real estate salesperson or broker experience in another state.

Applicants for the broker license must successfully complete the real estate broker prelicensing course. The completion certificate is valid for two years. The applicant must also successfully pass the broker's license examination and then apply for the broker's license within two years.

There are certain situations where an equivalency education may satisfy the prelicensing education requirement. Some of these are: holding a current license in another state as a salesperson or broker where the other state has similar or superior prelicensing education requirements; being a graduate of an accredited law school; having a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in real estate or business; completion of at least six semester credits in real estate at an accredited college or university; or holding a professional real estate designation.

The approved education schools for prelicensure can be found online.

Once licensed all agents must attend ten hours of continuing education courses every two years before renewing their license. Continuing Education Schools are located throughout the state. The necessary continuing education application forms are online.

Although Hawaii does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state, those who have a current real estate license in another state may be able to take only the Hawaii portion of the real estate exams when applying for an agent's license.

You can find Hawaii real estate agent forms online.

All agent licenses must be renewed prior to November 30th of each even-numbered year. Licenses not renewed are automatically forfeited on the next January 1st. Proof of having satisfied the continuing education requirements must be submitted with the license renewal application.

Real estate careers are strengthened by membership in the many organizations that provide services for the professional agent. Those holding a real estate license connect with organizations like the Hawaii Association of Realtors, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). The National Association of Realtors (NAR), the world's largest professional association, assists many with education courses and in locating real estate jobs within the industry.

Hawaii Real Estate Forms

Hawaii Reciprocity States



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Hawaii Approved Real Estate Schools Prelicensing and Postlicensing Education

Community Colleges

Maui Community College
University of Hawaii at Manoa


Private Schools

Akahi Real Estate Network, LLC (Hilo)
All Islands Real Estate School (Kailua)
Carol Ball School of Real Estate (Kahului)
Dower School of Real Estate (Honolulu)
Hawaii Academy of Real Estate (Lihue)
Hawaii Institute of Real Estate (Honolulu)
Hudson Real Estate School (Ewa Beach)
Last Update:  3/1/2010
This list may not include all approved schools. Please visit the Hawaii Real Estate Branch for the latest list of approved real estate schools.