What to do if you Can't Pay your Mortgage?

What to do if you cant pay your mortgage?

1 Answer

You need to contact your mortgage servicer immediately and inform them of your current situation.  Try to get to a level 2 associate, someone that is a possible supervisor and get their extension so you can work with one person while you work through this challenge.  It will save you a lot of frustration having a single contact to work with, trust me on this one! 

Avoiding them will not help in any way and most lenders will be happy to try and help with payment options, deferment possibilities, etc.  There is more pressure than ever for lenders to help people who are in trouble and in most cases lenders will do the anything they can to help avoid a foreclosure.

Hope this information helps, keep an open line of communication going and if you can, get your customer service rep's name and extension so you can build a rapport with them!  They want to help!