What does Buildable-Poor Mean for a Lot?

What does buildable-poor mean for a lot?

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I haven't seen that specific designation and since you didn't provide much information, like location( state, city, county) or what governmental agency made that determination, or was it an architect or a real estate agent??  But, given the information you provided, I would say there is a problem with the site.  Is it residential or commercial? There could be different places to determine the meaning depending upon the property type or zoning. 

But two places I would start with, would be your local building dept and a building inspector.  A quick discussion with the building dept can save a lot of heartache and money. 

The second place is a reputable architect who is recognized as an expert in the building type you want to construct.  The third would be a local builder/developer for commercial or residential depending upon what you want to do with the property.

**Possible issues **or a meaning could be a watertable, it could be wetlands, it could be soil stability, it could be an all fill lot, it could be an impervious coverage restriction...it could be the dimensions of the  lot and your house or building plan (or any building) will have a hard time meeting side property line restrictions....and the list goes on.  Hope I was some help, given the limited information you provided.

Typically 'Buildable - Poor' references the site description of a residential housing parcel. It refers to the footprint available for constructing a residential dwelling based upon a myriad of state, county, and local codes.

While Buildable-Poor does not eliminate all possibilities of constructing a home at the site, it does caution a potential builder or investor that significant site work may be needed to accomodate typical structures. It does not serve as a method of geological analysis, zoning restrictions, or covenants. If you're looking to purchase a parcel atop of Mt Everest it would most likely be classified as Buildable Poor. It should be noted that many thriving subdivisions and whole cities have been designated as buildable poor. Hope this helped.