What can you do if FICO score was great but is now showing NA due to no activity in 6 months.

Fico scores were great but when underwriter went to pull it, it came back as NA. They said it was because there has been no activity since Novemeber, so FICO cant score. The house was due to close July 15 and we are scrambling trying to figure out what to do. Someone suggested manual underwriting but we have not found anybody to do this. We live in SC

1 Answer

Credit reports are typically good for 120 days at most, so finding this out 7 months after your credit pull is certainly something that could have been avoided/addressed several months ago. It's surprising the scores would vanish in that time period, unless the activity on the prior report was so old it essentially stopped influencing your scores in the interim. Do you have open accounts that you could charge something on, then have your lender do a rapid rescore? That's the only way I know you could generate a score as quickly as you need to. If all the accounts are paid off installment loans or closed revolving accounts, it's going to be virtually impossible to generate new activity that will give you a score that quickly. Your loan officer could certainly have anticipated this, had he/she looked at your old report. Hope it works out, and that you still have some old open revolving accounts that can be utilized.