What Can a Mortgage Lender Take if we Stop Making Payments?

Can a lender take or sue for money from cds, savings or retirements account if we stop making payments on our house?

1 Answer

The only recourse a mortgage lender holding a lien against real estate has in the case of default is disclosed in the deed of trust filed when the loan was executed. I would suggest reading this document in full BEFORE you stop making payments if possible. The lender rights as well your rights are explained.

To make is simple, the " mortgage note" will tell you what you owe and promised to repay and the terms of repayment. The " deed of trust" will tell you what happens if you stop making payments.

As a general rule the only actions taking in a default is foreclosure of the property and then judgements for any outstanding monies due.  Your state laws will also hold jurisdiction over the lenders collection options.