Wage Garnishments and your Mortgage

I have a wage garnishment and was told I couldn't get a mortgage with that occuring. Is it possible to get a mortgage with this?

1 Answer

A wage garnishment usually represents an outstanding judgment for a past due account in which you are legally obligated to pay. In many cases your credit score will be affected to the point where borrowing money would be difficult at best.

However, even with a satisfactory credit score the financing available today requires that you have no outstanding debts.

For instance, we see a lot of people with child support payments on their credit reports. Sometimes from being past due. In these cases we council the client to bring the obligation current and get the judge or court to provide proof the account is current.

We then include the support payments in the debt column for the monthly amount and base the qualifying loan amount based on their regular income and debts.

So it's not just the wage garnishment that is prohibiting the loan, but the circumstances around WHY there is a garnishment that usually makes it impossible- at least until the issue is cleared up.

My advice is to talk to your attorney and the institution to whom you owe and determine how to get to the point where the debt is considered current and the payments and there is no active or unsettled judgment on file.

I hope that helps!