Verify a Mortgage License

How do I verify someone's mortgage license?

1 Answer

Many states several years ago did not have the technology to verify a mortgage lender's license or mortgage broker's license via the Web. Today, you may verify a mortgage lender and broker license via the Web in all states. Sometimes the area you must look to is not always in the most obvious place.

The first key is to know who your lender or broker is regulated by if any. For example: The State of California has three licenses, they are the DRE license, the CFL license and the RML license. The DRE license is regulated by the Department of Real Estate and the CFL and RML license is regulated by the Department of Corporations. If you were working with a broker in California, generally brokers are licensed under the Department of Real Estate. If you don't know the regulating body you may have to search all areas.

You can always Google California Department of Real Estate or whatever state you need and the regulating entity for that particular license. I always like to start out at the home page. From there I would start looking for " Verify a License" or "Licensees" or something similar in fashion. Click on that area and be sure to have as much information about your lender or broker as possible. The site will be able to tell you if they are licensed and in good standing. You can also do a search with the company name. I always save that section as a favorite so I don't have to look for that same site over again.