Using Two Real Estate Agents

Is it ok to have two agents showing you properties? I really need to find something ASAP and need them to work with my schedule. What happens when one finds the house we buy. Does the other realtor just cut their loses?

1 Answer

I can understand needing an agent that works around your schedule. Clearly communicating that to an agent and getting a committment from them upfront should work; but on the off chance you still do not feel as though the agent you have selected is understanding your needs, communicate that to the agent or find another one.

Having 2 agents working for you shouldn't really be necessary. A buyer's agent will not be paid for any time or expenses they have incurred while showing you homes until closing. The situation you are in defintely leaves one of the agents not paid for their time or work. I'm sad to hear that one agent could not accomodate your needs.