Unrestriced Land Zoning

I bought some land in NC that says it's unrestricted and would like to know what that means. Thanks.

1 Answer

The Unrestricted clause of your title applies to zoning and building codes. The term unrestricted has different definitions and applications around the country. You should start by contacting the local building and zoning department to determine what their specific rules regarding the unrestricted nature of your property actually means.

If no local zoning and building department exists then you default to the County or State's building and zoning department.

Generally speaking unrestricted means that you generally do not have to deal with a lot of building inspections or building code rules. However, in some locations unrestricted applies to existing buildings not new buildings.

Most states will still insist on minimal health and safety inspections including a septic perk test or a water test. Other than those minimal standards you can be on your own. Don't rejoice yet. Unrestricted could also mean that your neighbor puts a mobile home on their lot and here come the Clampets. It could also mean that  a business could be right next door to a home which is right next door to a pig farm.