Transfer a House to a Family Member

What is the procedure to transfer a house from one person to another in the same family? what is the documentation involved for the transfer?

1 Answer

This is a tricky question because states have their own rules on transferring property (titled ownership) from state to state.  The traditional answer is you would need a quit claim deed completed to transfer the property ownership. This is a simple document, usually a single page, that if filed with the clerk and recorder.

For example in Colorado it's a one page form listing the property, current owner, new owner, vesting and legal description (plus the necessary legal language). The current owner signs the form (new owner does not) and the signature is notarized. The cost to file the document is $6 and that's it.

The main question for your state is if there are any transfer fee's to change title. Otherwise the documents required should be a simple quit claim form and you can find those doing a basic google search for your states quit claim forms.