Time to Vacate Home After Foreclosure Auction

My home is being sold in auction sale.  How much time will I have to vacate after the sale?

1 Answer

Just because the home is going to auction it doesn't necessarily mean it will sell.  If and when it does sell you will **usually be contacted by an agent representing the bank.  **They will offer you CFK which means cash for keys....you will be given a time frame in which to vacate the premises (usually 7-10 days)...the property must be in clean order with all debris removed and broom swept clean in order for you to qualify for CFK...the longer you stay the less money you get.....I suggest that you start getting rid of what you need to and start boxing up what you can now...that way when they do approach you with CFK you can jump at the higher offer...it usually is enough for a first and deposit on a rental.