Still in the middle of a mess with Wells Fargo and America Servicing Co.

We were forced in to foreclosure in 2011. Apparently Wells Fargo and America Servicing Co have different account numbers for us. We missed the December deadline because we only figured out this BULL two days ago. We are now two months behind because ASC refused to talk to me or take my payment until they got the release from the bankruptcy form which they said could take 60 to 120 days. Now we have Wells Fargo demanding payment and ASC demanding a different amount. We have the money and want to pay but who should we pay. The last time we were in negotiations with ASC to get caught up because we did fall behind. While making payment arrangements we found out through lawyers mails us offering their bankruptcy services. WE HAD NO CLUE WE WERE IN BANKRUPTCY. HELP PLEASE. We are still in the middle of this mess.

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